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    Mario Sunshine does not hold up

    I want to defend Sunshine, as I loved it on the Gamecube, but I haven't played it since it was released. I have to play it again before I feel like I can say anything either way.
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    Favorite Song from Your Favorite Band/Artist

    Despite being a very shy and quiet person, there is a part of me that desperately wants to perform. And I enjoy singing this song so damn much. One of my bigger regrets in life is being at a karaoke party organized by Destructoid during PAX 13 and not thinking to sing this.
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    The Bar Part Zed: I Couldn't Come Up with a Better Name

    It's wild going to a children's hospital for surgery. My wife gets all sorts of emails and brochures about "Your Child's Safety". Wondering whether or not they knew I was an adult when they all signed a get well card. Going for a pre-surgery test and getting a momentary "What is this grown...
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    Destructoid Draws: Redux

    Fuck it Best Dogs in Video Games GO
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    The Tabletop RPG thread for cool people who roll dice

    I made a few illustrative drawings for a D&D campaign I'm running. I enjoyed it and was a lot more pleased with it than I expected. Hopefully I can muster up the energy to make more.
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    Look At My Pussy!

    Hi Riff, just catching up. I really like your birds! Totoro looks great too. I think Floki just stole my soul.
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    Dungeon Painter Studio Work

    Hey, that looks pretty cool! I'll have to look into DPS as well. I'm DMing a group too, and even though I'm using a module, replicating maps sounds better than scanning artwork from a book and trying to keep it perfectly aligned to Roll20.
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    Hello Fellow Humans

    I did not, but I believe it. They look like smug little bastards. Heck yeah dude. Thanks for rocking The Art.
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    Hello Fellow Humans

    Sure, if you feel like teaching me everything. I played a lot, but I haven't played regularly in 15 years, or at all in 10.
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    Hello Fellow Humans

    Do you know why my pasta roller jams up when I use the spaghetti cutter attachment? Is my dough too moist? Too soft? My favorite artist right now is Andrew Mar. He does a bunch of illustrations. He's done stuff for D&D and MtG, but what I really like is the character art he does in...
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    Hello Fellow Humans

    Hi all. I think some of you know me. Drawer of cat girls. Maker of stickers. Perpetual victim of Calculus. Doesn't actually play video games. How did you find Destructoid? Probably through a search engine. It's been awhile. Lurked for a year or two, and finally created an account and...
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    Look At My Pussy!

    I love seeing your progress. Keep it up!
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    Hi, I'm Randy. What is this place?

    Miss you buddy. Hope all is well.
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    Can I be bonerknave?