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    Why'd You Pick Your Username?

    Both of my usernames are pretty lame. Nishizono is a reference to Nishizono Shinsuke (Jean Pierre Lapin in the dub),from Inazuma Eleven (Really underrated anime and games,I truly reccomend them). In some games like Pokémon Showdown my username is Lllllink (Link with 5 Ls),because of the way the...
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    Best Butt in Video Games

    Definitely Twintelle, easy pick.
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    Giveaway: Bug Fables: NA--NSW-XB1-PS4

    I love crickets. They are harmless bugs that are mainly nocturnal and the male ones are able to produce chirping songs which are used to attract females. Crickets can be found in most places around the world and they often appear in literature,folklore and myths. There aren't many crickets in...