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    Game you would trap your worst enemy in

    Interesting. Yo I think I'd definitely trap them in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero. Oh I think they're gonna have a grand old time.
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    What was your first gamer moment?

    Hey y'all! What was the earliest memory you had playing a game that made you go "MOM LOOK WHAT I DID GET THE CAMERA!"?
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    What are you playing?

    Hopped form AI Somnium Files back to FFXIV Shadowbringers baby! LET'S GOO!
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    How is your backlog doing?

    I have given up on my backlog nowadays. The only game I actually managed to finish was Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Streets of Rage 4. To make matters worst is that I bought Trails of Cold Steel 2 and I haven't even started on the first game!
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    Gaming Pet Peeves

    Padding. Especially in RPG's. I could tolerate it when I was younger cause I didn't know any better but now I can't stand it. Every RPG could learn a thing or two from Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Both are pretty lengthy that could be beaten in about 25-40 hours but they both have...
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    What Games Do You Consider Masterpieces

    Undertale- Its such a perfect RPG. Mixing RPG and bullet hell concepts together is very ingenious. Not only that, it's pacing is perfect and I am grateful that its isn't some 50 hour epic. It is indeed my favorite game in the world.
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    Statusing x2

    Statusing x2
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    Recommend me a good romcom anime

    I love ToraDora. That was a really good one.
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    Recommend me a good romcom anime

    Nothing including non-consensual sex please.
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    Recommend me a good romcom anime

    YES. That's that good shit right there!
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    Recommend me a good romcom anime

    I was into it before it got creepy anime bs with big boob dragon lady and the little boy.
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    Recommend me a good romcom anime

    Ehhh no thanks. I'm not looking for sexy times atm. Just something that's on par in quality with nozaki-kun is good enough.