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    Your top showings from the PS5 reveal event

    Is it? That's good. I can't see Arkane doing a console exclusive. But to clarify, I was surprised and maybe a little disappointed that it won't be current-gen.
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    Your top showings from the PS5 reveal event

    Based purely on pedigree and standing interest, Solar Ash (Kingdom :confused:) was my takeaway. Right behind that is Deathloop, because Arkane is my fucking jam. I'm surprised that both of those are console exclusive to Sony--specifically, Solar Ash is PS4/5 and Deathloop is PS5-exclusive. I...
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    Hey y'all.

    Aw word. What up Seb? Oh man, that's tough. For a long time, I used the Maverick emblem from Mega Man X as my avatar (and still do on the home site, but it was acting weird here and this is more Twitter-friendly). Day to day, my signature is probably the best example. My Chinese...
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    Current reads

    So I'm reading a lot of war narratives for my degree. Nothing wild has really impressed me yet, but some highlights that I've read in the recent past are Anthony Swofford's Jarhead and Ben Fountain's Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk. I'm optimistic about this collection called Fire and Forget...
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    Hello Fellow Humans

    I still have your sticker on the back of my truck.
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    Hey y'all.

    I don't think I ever had any kind of formal introduction here. What a thrill. I've been on dtoid since September 2007, because this was one of the first news sites that broke news of Ninja Gaiden II for the 360 shortly before its reveal later that year. I was, and am, a huge fan of the NG...