No idea what to write here to be honest.

I could tell you about the games I enjoy (basically anything other than racing, fighting and platformers), but then of course even that would be disingenuous because I really enjoy Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart but of course, that's only when I win.
When I lose the games are bullshit. Naturally.

Final Fantasy 6 is a great game. Better than 9. Both are good though. Better than 15. Which is also good. 13 isn't and neither is 2.
It's a bit like the series of Supernatural in that way.

Silent Hill 2. Now THERE'S a game I love. But of course remembering that it exists makes me sad because we will never get another game on the series.
At least not one that isn't a Pachinko machine or some sort of condom franchise.

Bloodborne is pretty good. Is it better than Dark Souls? Who's to say.

Disco Elysium is a game everyone should play only because then you'll be half as depressed as I am and almost as sexless.

Of course I do things other than play video games. Films are a good way to waste the finite existence you have on earth as you slowly rot away on your couch, pretending to care about things in your life as your age slowly increases and eventually death knocks for you and instead of fighting it you just allow the cold embrace of the reaper to take you away into the everlasting darkness.

Also hentai is dope. Check out some SonicXEren Jaeger slash fiction too while you're at it.


The Man That Declared Halo 2 Sucks


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