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    So you've finished The Last of Us 2, and now you want to talk about it

    Personally I think the game's pacing could have worked better in the way Nier Automata handled it's Campaign .2 stuff. Play as Ellie, reach the climax where you beat the fuck out of Abby, she beats you and almost kills Dina. Leaves you and tells you to leave. Then have Ellie, Dina and Tommy...
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    Pick 5 - TV Shows

    The Good Place's ending is probably among the best ever written. It's fantastic.
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    Pick 5 - TV Shows

    Just finished Dark (Netflix Original TM) and I honestly think it's one of the best things ever written in any medium. The way it continuously develops its story all the way up to the final episode, how it goes everything together and every episode has meaning and weight and depth is just...
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    The Tabletop RPG thread for cool people who roll dice

    Been attempting to write my own homebrew as of late for when I eventually can have people over to play. Writing it has been a lot of fun, especially since I've been basing the archipelago it takes place in on the world of Tales of Earthsea as a foundation (and who doesn't enjoy reading...
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    What Makes Good Stealth Games

    AI is super important but at the core the gameplay loop has to be fun and therefore finding that balance between "competent" and "omniscient" is really hard. Dishonored is the prime example of this; the AI is an absolute mess because sometimes I'll pass right by a guard about two metres away...
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    Worst collectibles in games?

    I have a list: 1) The pigeons in Grand Theft Auto 4. There are 200 of them and they don't appear on the map. 2) Blast shards in the first InFamous game. 3) Arkham Knight Riddler trophies. Pointless exercise of futility in an already bland game. 4) Korok seeds in Breath of the Wild. Even...