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  1. Batthink

    What are you playing?

    Sometime, I have to get back to playing For The King. It's a three-person party RPG with the mechanics of a board game, but it is so much fun playing it in co-op with a friend. I've also been going through Spleunky-like game Caveblazers, and I've been checking out the games on Antstream, which...
  2. Batthink

    Friendship Megathread

    Xbox: DreadJesterBatt Steam: batthink EDIT: Switch friend code: SW-7252-9365-9610 Antstream: DreadJester
  3. Batthink

    I've been here for YEARS

    Aww, thanks man. :)
  4. Batthink

    I've been here for YEARS

    Hi! I'm Batthink. I'm also known as DreadJester in other parts of the internet. I've been a part of Destructoid for...ooh, I think the best part of about a decade, I guess? I just looked...since August 2007! I got drawn to the site when something got printed about it in (the now digital...
  5. Batthink

    I heard there was cake?

    Welcome back, Panza. ;)
  6. Batthink

    Let us know what you think of these Dtoid facemask ideas!

    Designs one and two are fine. :)