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  1. Granadico

    So, which next gen system will you be getting?

    Just upgrade my PC eventually. Switch 2 or whatever when that comes out probably. I only care about a few PS4 games so I'll just get it when a PS4Pro is dirt cheap in a year or two for the few games I want. XBSeriesX is tempting though because of all the BC.
  2. Granadico

    What beloved game just doesn't hold up these days for you?

    I love Sonic Adventure 2 Battle but damn is that game janky lol some of it is charming but some if it is just pretty bad 3D controls. I've always been good about tempering my expectations for games by age so it doesn' tusually bother me.
  3. Granadico

    What Interests You the Most About the Upcoming Next-Gen Consoles?

    It's to the point with me that the biggest reason I don't play as much games as I could (besides time) is that I feel like if I don't either have the undivided TV sound or headphones then I'm not getting the full experience. Ironically I don't care for voice actin at all, but missing out on the...
  4. Granadico

    How often do you use save states on emulators?

    Try to use it more out of convenience than anything, especially for older games with limited/no saving. I love Super Metroid, but fuck if I'm gonna not use a save state right before Phantoon instead of the last save spot which is like a few minutes back. Plus I don't always have the luxury of...
  5. Granadico

    What Interests You the Most About the Upcoming Next-Gen Consoles?

    Sound is really underrated and I'm really hoping that ray tracing surround sound crap it's just a Sony /PS5 thing. I'd love to have the space/money to have a great surround sound setup but especially with a kid it's hard so headphones is my main source. I've given up on this since Sony's had...
  6. Granadico

    Your top showings from the PS5 reveal event

    I fucking loved Hyper Light Drifter so Solar Ash is top for me, even though it's a multiplat indie. That Asian woman one looked like a cool Dreamworks movie was pretty cool too. Nothing was a system seller for me though, but I haven't been into Sony 1st party stuff since the PS2 so I didn't...
  7. Granadico

    What game world would you live in?

    A world full of equally good looking people. Take of that what you will.