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  1. Zalno

    So apparently, Sony is planning to bring more of its first-party IP to PC after Horizon Zero Dawn's success on Steam.

    One less reason to care about consoles at this point.
  2. Zalno

    [Staff AMA - August 15] CJ Andriessen

    I completely missed the boat on this one, so before this topic's closed, I wanna end this thread with the following: Boofing.
  3. Zalno

    Word Association

    No! Only Flagellant eXamples!
  4. Zalno

    We need to talk about Ubisoft's history of abuse. What they did is NOT okay.

    Here's the article Jason Schreier published yesterday bringing to light even more instances of Ubisoft's abusive culture. Here's a version of that story on another website if you can't read the Bloomberg article. This stuff needs to be discussed more whenever Ubisoft comes up. What they did is...
  5. Zalno

    YouTuber Recommendations

    A lot of the recommendations here are super good! I've already subscribed to a bunch of those channels, but lemme add a few more. If you're into anime at all, I'd highly recommend Mother's Basement. He recently did a video about how Yu--Gi-Oh morphed from a shonen battle anime focused on games...
  6. Zalno

    I just ordered an Xbox One X. Post essential backwards compatibility titles ITT.

    Absolutely! I just purchased Soul Calibur II HD Online on my Xbox One, which was released for the XBLA on the 360 several years ago. Plays just fine! <3
  7. Zalno

    [Staff AMA - July 21] Menashe Kestenbaum/RavMenace

    Good! I'm glad we agree! Because I find the lack of conversation on the topic from Destructoid a little disturbing.
  8. Zalno

    I just ordered an Xbox One X. Post essential backwards compatibility titles ITT.

    I mean, it's always been available for free, so why not?
  9. Zalno

    [Staff AMA - July 21] Menashe Kestenbaum/RavMenace

    Perhaps my question was a bit too broad, so let me rephrase that. Do you believe that Destructoid, a gaming news website, should cover and discuss rampant abuses publishers have inflicted upon its employees? Yes or no?
  10. Zalno

    [Staff AMA - July 21] Menashe Kestenbaum/RavMenace

    I've got a few questions, if that's alright: Jim Sterling has recently gone public about Defy Media preventing him from publishing a review of Assassin’s Creed Unity onto The Escapist due to his criticism of its monetization practices because they didn’t want his review to tarnish their...
  11. Zalno

    Take with a grain of salt... But F-Zero got a twitter account with the same email as the Mario 35th anniversary account..

    Meh. I'm done waiting for Nintendo to fuck it up, so I'm just gonna keep playing Fast RMX for now. At least until some indie developer inevitably makes a spiritual successor to F-Zero. Just like with Paper Mario. Just like with Advance Wars.
  12. Zalno

    I just ordered an Xbox One X. Post essential backwards compatibility titles ITT.

    A few others I'd highly recommend. I can't find a decently-sized image for it, but SSX 3 is also one of my favorites (even if it's from EA).
  13. Zalno

    I just ordered an Xbox One X. Post essential backwards compatibility titles ITT.

    Here are just a few of my favorites if you don't have them already.
  14. Zalno

    [Staff AMA - July 12]: Wes Tacos

    Sorry, I just woke up from a Pokemon GO-induced coma myself. ...oh right, question. Um, is there anything you found yourself getting into that you previously thought wouldn't appeal to you? I just started watching Food Wars, for example.
  15. Zalno

    [Discussion] 2020 Destructoid's Community ASCII T-Shirt

    I'll always have a soft spot for the DTOID font, but I'll have to agree that it doesn't really work on a shirt. The uppercase variant is more visually appealing/legible.
  16. Zalno

    AMA: Xeo

    Can you tell us what you want, what you really, really want?
  17. Zalno

    AMA: Bass

    What IS that thing on your shirt, anyways?
  18. Zalno

    AMA: Zalno (A.K.A. the Goddamned Furry)

    Zootopia. Obviously. Yup. LEGO Technic pieces and pizza-flavored pringles.
  19. Zalno

    In regards to Microsoft potentially buying up WB's game dev studios.

    Why shouldn't I dread everything about this? This is a serious question, by the by. As far as I could tell, Microsoft's library has gone downhill throughout this generation. The original Halo/Gears devs left and the internal studios Microsoft made haven't put out great games from what I heard...
  20. Zalno

    AMA: Zalno (A.K.A. the Goddamned Furry)

    Okay. Let's take this one step at a time. Of course there's a sexual aspect to it. There's a sexual aspect to fucking everything. There are people out there who have sex with cars, for fuck's sake. But we're also not horny 24/7 either 'cos most of us have standards. Pretty much any fucky stuff...