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  1. Heat

    Delicious Video Game Food

  2. Heat

    Best Butt in Video Games

    Seymour! but i been around Dtoid everyday.... maybe i should change my name back :(
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    Best Butt in Video Games

  4. Heat

    Suggestions to break the cycle!

    Alright fellows, thanks for the suggestions. Im going with A Link to the Past, SNES version. Lets see if i can finally develop a taste for The Legend of Zelda... or if i will stop trying to like it.
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    Suggestions to break the cycle!

    im already working on that, my help group even provided me with a "support system" to replace my broken, unusable left arm:
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    Suggestions to break the cycle!

    Hmm... this has nothing to do with Zelda, but a couple of years ago a friend convinced me to watch Terminator 2, saying it was a masterpiece and the best action movie ever, and yeah, it was entertaining, but all i could see were the scenes parodied in other movies/tv shows/commercials and i...
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    Suggestions to break the cycle!

  8. Heat

    Suggestions to break the cycle!

    That's a hard question... I guess its different everytime. First thing, i dont have any kind of nostalgia towards Zelda, i never played them or even see them IRL as a kid, and i think the first one i played one was Oracle of Seasons in like the year 2000. So, thats the one that i played the...
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    Suggestions to break the cycle!

    Gentlemen, i need some suggestions for a Zelda game. In the past i've tried several times to play different entries of the franchise, but none of them has stuck with me for more than an hour, except for Oracle of Seasons. But ive decided that if im going to call it quits and say that i dont like...
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    What are you playing?

    I been playing some Co-op Borderlands Pre Sequel (what a fucking stupid name) with my best friend, and it has been fun. But the level design is kinda... off and it feels like a Garry's mod of Borderlands 2 tbh. Still fun to shoot and loot though, especially with someone to insult via mic.
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    Your Favorite Game Ending

    Oh man that ending... it was kind of a nut punch, but a perfect ending to a nice trilogy. Also, it made you rethink EVERYTHING, from the first game to the last. Genius.
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    I transformed a room after a catastrophic failure in humanity.

    So much manga!!!!!!! Also, nice work mate, i love that Slayers poster.
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    Introducing Our Sexy New Forum Mod, RiffRaff

    Congrats! you deserve it and im sure you will do a great job ♥
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    Spare Steam Keys

    Invisible Inc is pretty good people, i suggest you to play it if you like XCOM. Also, if its up for grabs, can i have Victor Vran?
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    Shows you wish had just one more season

    i suck at watching TV or movies, but man do i wish Metalocalypse had another season... it ended on an cliffhanger dammit!
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    Your Favorite Game Ending

    Oof. I have a couple, but since there are two already on this thread, ill say: - The In Water ending of Silent Hill 2. Is perfect, sad and moving. Is my head cannon ending for the whole game. - The prehistoric ending on Contra Hard Corps for the Genesis (MY FAVORITE GAME!) - Crisis Core ending...
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    What's in your earballs today?

    i dont really have a musical preference anymore. I listen whatever, from jazz to punk, from andean folk music to russian rap, from japanese vocaloid artists to latin rock. But sometimes my filthy weeb side dominates everything, so i been listening a lot to a japanese pop/electronic band called...
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    How Often Do You Finish Games?

    Im pretty bad at finishing games, overall. I tend to stop either right at the end or when i got frustrated. My friends tell me its some kind of psychological problem :(