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  1. ChrisMoyse

    [Staff AMA - August 15] CJ Andriessen

    Psycho mansion is a great choice for a LEGO set! Thanks also for the hookup with Urban Jam: Hip Hop Dance, my new hobby.
  2. ChrisMoyse

    [Staff AMA - August 15] CJ Andriessen

    I'mma get the ball rolling with this long-ass list: -What three Lego sets would you commission if you could use any brand? -If you were a full time screenwriter, is there a genre or type of film you think you'd be particularly good at writing? -What is the best episode of Frasier and why is...
  3. ChrisMoyse

    Let us know what you think of these Dtoid facemask ideas!

    It doesnt need eyes, we have eyes, it just needs the nose and mouth, or just the mouth. You have to picture it on an actual face, and the eyes would just fold over the nose and into the cheeks.
  4. ChrisMoyse

    [Staff AMA - August 11] Brett Makedonski

    Have you ever picked up a bass and not played the intro to Take the Power Back by RATM? What's your current gamerscore, and is there an elusive achievement that continues to haunt you? I need tips to being a Kool Dude on Twitter. You got any? If we meet up for a bake sale, what cake are you...
  5. ChrisMoyse

    [Staff AMA - August 5] Dreezy

    How did you get into video games? And what's your favourite game of all time? In the super-crowded streaming market, what should a streamer do in order to make their voice and brand heard among thousands? If you could be involved in a joint-stream with any internet superstar, who would you...
  6. ChrisMoyse

    [Staff AMA - July 29] Chris Carter

    What was your favourite game and movie of 2010-2019?
  7. ChrisMoyse

    [Staff AMA - July 29] Chris Carter

    Here are some questions I've almost certainly asked you before: What are your three favourite TV shows of the modern era (say from 2005)? What one game was the "hardest" to review? (In regards to either staying succinct, or how deeply layered it was, or how torn you were between the good/bad...
  8. ChrisMoyse

    [Staff AMA - July 12]: Wes Tacos

    I'mma go. What's with the Taco thing? I mean, Do you even like Tacos? or is it an old nickname or something? What do you miss most since Lockdown/social distancing? Why haven't I won any of the competitions yet and is it connected to the fact I can't enter? What was the first...
  9. ChrisMoyse

    [Staff AMA - July 6]: Occams

    What scared you when you were a kid? (Like a movie, or a TV commercial, or something) You love shopping malls, what's your favourite movie shopping mall scene?
  10. ChrisMoyse

    [Staff AMA - July 6]: Occams

    First record you remember buying, and first movie you saw at the cinema?
  11. ChrisMoyse

    Wholesome Happy Place Thread

    It's been a while, so...
  12. ChrisMoyse

    Shows you wish had just one more season

    In the very early '90s there was a game show based on Clue/Cluedo, with actors playing the characters and being interrogated by the contestants. Quirky as fuck. Wacky shit like that can always use another season. In fact, just give every show from the early '90s another season.
  13. ChrisMoyse

    They don't make bond games like they used to

    I think 007 Blood Stone is actually kind of cool. Its flawed but I dig it.
  14. ChrisMoyse


    Does anyone remember for a very brief moment #Darksiders2 became #Icarus after this abominable character was revealed for Mirror's Edge Catalyst (but we soon went back to Darksiders2)
  15. ChrisMoyse

    Make Some Moyse

    No, I answer to the Editor-in-Chiefs. Ha, I thought pretty much everyone knew. But yeah, that was her (and me).
  16. ChrisMoyse

    Make Some Moyse

    Hey yo, I'm Chris, previously OrochiLeona, and I'm the Senior Editor for the good ship Destructoid. I've been gaming since the mid-1980s. All I do is work on site and manage massive depression. I am sometimes ok at both. I love Destructoid and its community. I think life is HARD AND TERRIBLE...
  17. ChrisMoyse

    What Games Do You Consider Masterpieces

    Resident Evil 2 (98) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Batman: Arkham Asylum Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap Portal
  18. ChrisMoyse

    Your Most Controversial Movie Opinion

    ...This thread has left me reeling already *muted*
  19. ChrisMoyse

    We had forums!?

    Not gonna lie, I'm already spread pretty thin on site, so I won't have a lot of time to converse here. If I try and include the forums into my minute-to-minute mix - simply put - my anxiety will fucking skyrocket. But I'm glad its happened, I hope you all have a ton of fun, and that you be...