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  1. JonJonXD

    Friendship Megathread

    I am JonJonXD on basically everything. I also did not know Destructoid had a Discord!!
  2. JonJonXD

    Most WTF Game

    One I think nobody played is Edge of Nowhere. This was Insomniac's Oculus exclusive VR third person platform. I thought it did a great job, especially with the twists.
  3. JonJonXD

    Deals Megathread

    I cannot push Humble Bundle and Green Man Gaming enough for PC Games. I buy most of my games on both as I am a Humble Monthly subscriber, so even some games are day one 20% off (Shantae and The Seven Sirens for example I got for 20% off day 1).
  4. JonJonXD

    Anyone wanna hang out in VRChat?

    I think having a Destructoid VR Chat would be a cool idea. I have not used VRChat, and my Oculus CV1 is not connected, but it would be cool. There should also be a Destructoid Bot avatar people can use.
  5. JonJonXD

    Hey everyone!

    Welcome!! I am actually quite similar to you. I only started posting maybe in the last couple of months. I am with you on the mini console lineup. I need to finally crack open my Turbo Grafix 16 mini and Sega Genesis Minis and check them out.
  6. JonJonXD

    What are you playing?

    I may be late to the game, but I got super sucked into The Messenger since it came in June's Humble Monthly Bundle. I am one achievement away from getting them all too. I can't believe how good this game is.