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  1. Vadicta

    Let's List All the Nintendo Characters We Think Would Be Great at EATING ASS!

    Like the title says. I'll start. Yoshi! Like just think about that tongue game, and its face is pleasantly rounded, so it can get buried deep in those cheeks with little to no poke and prod. The only issue is of course that tongue might snag on something and rip your guts out like a pink...
  2. Vadicta

    Are Sewers Real

    Hey all, So kind of a crazy question, but could sewers be real places? Like, we've seen them all over video games ever since the original Mario Bros invented the artistic concept of a sewer (a blocky, pipey place where bad dudes run wild and need their shit stomped), and it's been expanded...
  3. Vadicta

    No one's talking about how characters who eat trash have humiliation fetishes

    Video game characters have been getting off this whole time--at our expense--and I'm sick of pretending that it isn't happening. It's fine if all of you don't want to admit the truth, but I'm not about to sit my shit idly by and act like I don't see a wet spot spread across Axel's pants when...
  4. Vadicta


    So, a lot of us have seen James Wan's latest horror thing (FOR FREE!!!), and there are thoughts aplenty squirting around the web! Bloody Disgusting hailed it the best horror movie so far this year. Others have declared it a hyper-focused intentionally goofy niche masterpiece deserving of its own...
  5. Vadicta

    My Cat Is An Alcoholic. Please Send Help.

  6. Vadicta

    Every time my cat meows it breaks me heart

    A little backstory first: I have a cat. Now here's the problem, he meows sometimes. That wouldn't be a big deal, but it's never about anything important. He's never being hunted by an apex predator or reminding me to do my taxes. It's always shit like, "Hey, chase me around the house" or "Come...