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  1. Zalno

    So apparently, Sony is planning to bring more of its first-party IP to PC after Horizon Zero Dawn's success on Steam.

    One less reason to care about consoles at this point.
  2. Zalno

    We need to talk about Ubisoft's history of abuse. What they did is NOT okay.

    Here's the article Jason Schreier published yesterday bringing to light even more instances of Ubisoft's abusive culture. Here's a version of that story on another website if you can't read the Bloomberg article. This stuff needs to be discussed more whenever Ubisoft comes up. What they did is...
  3. Zalno

    In regards to Microsoft potentially buying up WB's game dev studios.

    Why shouldn't I dread everything about this? This is a serious question, by the by. As far as I could tell, Microsoft's library has gone downhill throughout this generation. The original Halo/Gears devs left and the internal studios Microsoft made haven't put out great games from what I heard...
  4. Zalno

    AMA: Zalno (A.K.A. the Goddamned Furry)

    Let's get this pwahty started! Ask me whatever you want, up to and including furry shit about me. I don't normally talk about furry shit too much on this site, but I know some of y'all are super curious.
  5. Zalno

    Death Generator Thread

    Saw the D-TOID article for Death Generator swamped with excellence. We can't just let it be contained to that one article's comment section. I'll start us off.
  6. Zalno

    Best video game dicks

    Doesn't have to be all-out dicks. Can be a bulge or something. Show me what you got, video games!
  7. Zalno

    What Pokemon do you want Game Freak to bring back?

    Since we have less than a week, I'm curious if there are any Pokemon you guys want Game Freak to bring back. My answer's Porygon. All of the Porygons. It's the perfect Pokemon, so it should rightfully be in every Pokemon game.
  8. Zalno

    I made a video a couple months ago. Care for some feedback?

    I made a quick-post about this a couple months back, but I put a video together in time for Easter this year. Part of this was to learn how to do some editing in Sony Vegas and try to advertise my current skills. But really, I just wanted to make a video where chocolate bunnies get smashed. Some...
  9. Zalno

    Anyone wanna hang out in VRChat?

    For real, this is the only kind of online multiplayer...thing I do these days besides Pokemon Sword stuffs. I don't care all that much about most online multiplayer games, but I've been craving social activity since the pandemic started a couple months ago. Been trying to find people to meet up...
  10. Zalno


    I've already made a C-Blog introducing myself, which you can read right here. I don't like reiterating myself, so I'mma give the short version: -Been a gamer for most of my natural life. Don't play much these days, but am still a Pokemon nut. -Huge proponent of backwards compatibility. Fuck...