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  1. Boxman214

    What beloved game just doesn't hold up these days for you?

    I'm piggybacking on the thread written by sweaty dungus ( They wrote about how Super Mario Sunshine just doesn't hold up today. Made me wonder. What other games don't hold up tofay? Obviously, this is extremely...
  2. Boxman214

    What game world would you live in?

    A genie comes to you. He tells you that someone (it was me) wished for you to be removed from this world because you are far too good-looking. He doesn't want to just obliterate you, so he gives you a choice. He can place you into a world where any video game franchise takes place. You get to...
  3. Boxman214

    Looking for gaming buddies for Jackbox or Halo

    Hello friends! I'll be honest with you. Quarantine is starting to get to me. I really need some social interaction. I'm looking for people to play some games with! I have 2 ideas, but I'm open to other games. I do have Xbox live and Nintendo switch online. I don't have ps+ and I don't pc game...
  4. Boxman214

    I made a new blog

    Most of you know that I wrote briefly for Flixist (which is an excellent site and you should read it!). Unfortunately, I had to depart. However, today I started my own blog for writing about movies and TV. It's just for fun. I'm not making any money off of it. But I hope you'll give it a read...
  5. Boxman214

    Ladies and gentlemen! The fun has arrived!

    I'll start with the ice breakers, unlike you heathens! How did you find Destructoid? Used to read 1up. Then Joystiq. After they were both dead, I longed for a good gaming news site. Somehow found dtoid. Came for the writing. Stayed for the community. And BTW, I live in constant fear of dtoid...
  6. Boxman214

    The Great Food Pic Thread

    I want to see your food! If you have a tasty meal, comment a picture of it and tell us what it is! Whether you made it yourself, someone made it for you, or you got it from a restaurant, it's all good! Just share your food with us! I'll go first. Last night I made biscuits and Gravy. I made...
  7. Boxman214

    Pick 2 from 2007

    Saw this on Twitter. It's a pic of some of the big games of 2007. You can save 2 of them. The rest are erased from history. What do you choose? I have to pick Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed. I have spent so many hours on the latter's franchise across several games. And loved it! And Mass...
  8. Boxman214

    Your Most Controversial Movie Opinion

    Here is a thread in which you comment your least popular opinion about movies. I'll get the ball rolling: In spite of the first 10 minutes being very quotable, The Godfather is not a very good movie. Your turn!