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  1. LaserPirate

    Shows you wish had just one more season

    Mission Hill and Clone High. I really wanted another season of Arrested Development for a long time and then they did it and I still haven't watched it.
  2. LaserPirate

    What are you playing?

    Oh have I used this to justify many a full price purchase. Seriously though, a good portable experience is worth the investment.
  3. LaserPirate

    How is your backlog doing?

    Pretty good, the doctor says it's in the 90th percentile for size and it's growing so much!
  4. LaserPirate

    How Often Do You Finish Games?

    I hardly ever finish games, my attention span is so small it could... what were we talking about? Oh look, a cookie!
  5. LaserPirate

    AMA with Xeo. Hit me up.

    Skydiving or bungee jumping?
  6. LaserPirate


    Awww yis!
  7. LaserPirate

    Current reads

    I feel that series is pretty overlooked in NA, I enjoyed both the Swedish and UK TV adaptions but never got into the books. What were you doing in Latvia? I grew up with a ton of Latvians in Vancouver.
  8. LaserPirate

    It's that Brazilian guy! Come say hello!

    Hey, man, I love reading your Brazilian gaming blogs!
  9. LaserPirate


    Hahaha, were they new to begin with and simply broken in or did they go cheap and buy used?
  10. LaserPirate


    Hahaha, that is so good. Probably the most eager fans they've ever had!
  11. LaserPirate

    I'm that guy from that place and that one time. No not him. Not that guy either.

    Loose head prop mostly. I filled for 2nd row and occasionally hooker when needed.
  12. LaserPirate

    Positive Post-Covid

    According to most studies, the primary method of communication is through droplet contamination in close proximity. Although there is some evidence to suggest that the virus can be detected in small airborne particles for up to 4 hours after exposure, there is little evidence to suggest that it...
  13. LaserPirate

    Hello everyone, I'm Scott, president of Domino's Pizza!

    Woah, hang on is that a Holindaise?
  14. LaserPirate

    Pick 2 from 2011

    Huh, never knew that. Tell me about Bethesda and consoles, man, Morrowind was my jam on oh Xbox but those load times! Agh! I've never been critical of load times for anything ever since. Like actually. I'm just thankful anything I play or have to do on a computor is not like those Morrowind Xbox...
  15. LaserPirate


    Man buys a vagina flavoured icecream cone. He takes a big lick, ”Ugh, tastes like ass!" Clerk looks at him like an idiot and says "Yeah man, take smaller licks."
  16. LaserPirate


    Man, they could've at least protested six more topics. They're just lazy.
  17. LaserPirate

    Pick 2 from 2011

    Ahhh. Got it. Makes sense. I've still only played Skyrim on PS3, didn't realize the console ports were so buggy.
  18. LaserPirate

    Pick 2 from 2011

    Don't mean to sound like a dink but I'm curious, how was your playthrough of Skyrim bad? Isn't it a pretty generic rpg?