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  1. Dr. Mel

    Ftoid (for when Qtoid is down)

    Hi. Uh... meme, am I right? lol gross comic strips?
  2. Dr. Mel

    So you've finished The Last of Us 2, and now you want to talk about it

    That's the boat I'm in. Can't be more clear that this thread will discuss all story elements of The Last of Us 2. The short version: This is one of the grimmest pieces of media I've ever experienced. Almost laughably so (I found myself laughing at points because of how completely dark the...
  3. Dr. Mel

    Mel's Classical Music thread

    Oh it has been a MOMENT since I was part of a forum for real. Gosh, I gotta set up a sig! Well, anyway, I'm gonna post some classical music from (mostly) baroque composers in this thread and probably add some notes to them. Nothing profound, I'm not musically educated AT ALL. But just my...