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  1. Inquisitive Ravenclaw


    Turnip Time!! They're selling for 523 bells each right now! There's also a Take-1-Leave-1 DIY recipe area right outside the airport. Tips not necessary, but if you'd like leave them by my house. I'll be AFK for a bit. My Able Sisters also has the Royal Crown for sale if you don't know what to...
  2. Inquisitive Ravenclaw

    No one expects the Ravenclaw Inquisition!

    Ravenclaw here! I've been around for a little while, and I couldn't be happier here :). I like games, puns, art, oni girls, and looking at Cooking shows without doing any myself. Pretty boring in-person, but you guys have given me a chance to sorta look cool, so I'll take it! How did you find...
  3. Inquisitive Ravenclaw


    Long story short, my Turnip prices this morning are insane. 531 BELLS PER TURNIP!! Bring your turnips and sell them for bells. There's also a Take-1-Leave-1 DIY Recipe space right outside the port. Dodo Code is MLSY2!