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  1. AtomicBanana

    Best 'Hand-Drawn' Game

    Gotta say Muramasa I think.
  2. AtomicBanana

    What are y’all gonna be for Halloween?

    Depends on the state of covid. I'll either be sitting in the dark watching horror movies with the girlfriend and have all my light off, or I'll be sitting on the porch with a shotgun dressed like the guy from Phalanx.
  3. AtomicBanana

    Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout: The Thread

    Congrats dude! Welcome to the winners circle!
  4. AtomicBanana

    Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout: The Thread

    Timing is everything. I just wait until it's far enough back on the upswing.
  5. AtomicBanana

    Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout: The Thread

    I'd rather they didn't. Most of my qualifiers on that level are because a bunch of idiots sit around waiting for one of the platforms to come back down to their level instead of turning around like me and running to the side that's actually able to be platformed to.
  6. AtomicBanana

    --Movie Thread-- Post movies you've recently seen/reviews/recommendations/ask for recommendations

    If you have shudder I really recommend Blood Quantum. So effing good.
  7. AtomicBanana

    Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout: The Thread

    Got my second win last night. Fall Mountain seems to be my jam for winning. Also got to try out a few stages that had skipped me over until now. Also I'm starting to hate the see saw level.
  8. AtomicBanana

    Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout: The Thread

    My first run on whirlygig I tried the center like six times and still qualified. Edit: it was way early in the game's release though so everyone sucked.
  9. AtomicBanana

    Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout: The Thread

    Tiptoe can die in a goddamn fire. That is all. Also, how does football work?
  10. AtomicBanana

    Stupid Video Game Troupes

    Yeah, I know they get your vault after a certain time once you complete the first main quest, but the only place I really saw them destroy was Necropolis and I always though that was just scripted.
  11. AtomicBanana

    Stupid Video Game Troupes

    Yeah when I wrote this I was also thinking about FFXII and its loot system, an extra step for the same result.
  12. AtomicBanana

    Stupid Video Game Troupes

    I think making money from killing things that should not have money. Like, how does the economy even work when you can spend your day smashing the lowest level non aggressive enemies and make enough to pay for a night at an inn after like 5 kills?
  13. AtomicBanana

    Your worst "I give up" moment in games?

    Mine with this game was just because I was trying to play it on an old school CRT. I could not read the text to save my goddamn life.
  14. AtomicBanana

    Best Sword in Gaming

    I'm not up on Soul Calibur lore, but isn't that basically just the monkey's paw of cutlery?
  15. AtomicBanana

    Best Sword in Gaming

    Beam katana? Beam katana.
  16. AtomicBanana

    [Game Jam] Announcing the Flaming Hot Jam!

    I was intending to but I'm so noob at programming that all my time is being taken up by figuring out the language. I still can't iterate an idea without falling back into tutorials.
  17. AtomicBanana

    Game you would trap your worst enemy in

    I'd trap Soulbow in one of the Sword Art Online games. Reeeeeaaaaallllly force his inner weeb to come out.
  18. AtomicBanana

    YouTuber Recommendations

    I still go back to his PSA episodes occasionally. The harem one still leaves me in stitches.
  19. AtomicBanana

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Eh, I think Black Flag was good. 3 was pretty terrible though. Can't remember where Unity falls in all this but I never played it anyway. Syndicate sucked, didn't play Origins, and Odyssey is a slog.
  20. AtomicBanana

    DToid Forum's Drink Recipe Thread

    The Rusty Nail was a staple of mine when I used to return to karaoke after a long absence. It just seemed so apt. That said, seeing as we've got one foot into the rainy season here in New Mexico, my signature drink for this time of year is the Dark and Stormy. Get a glass, drop in some ice...