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  1. Parismio

    Game you would trap your worst enemy in

    Interesting. Yo I think I'd definitely trap them in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero. Oh I think they're gonna have a grand old time.
  2. Parismio

    What was your first gamer moment?

    Hey y'all! What was the earliest memory you had playing a game that made you go "MOM LOOK WHAT I DID GET THE CAMERA!"?
  3. Parismio

    What are you playing?

    Hopped form AI Somnium Files back to FFXIV Shadowbringers baby! LET'S GOO!
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    How is your backlog doing?

    I have given up on my backlog nowadays. The only game I actually managed to finish was Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Streets of Rage 4. To make matters worst is that I bought Trails of Cold Steel 2 and I haven't even started on the first game!
  5. Parismio

    Gaming Pet Peeves

    Padding. Especially in RPG's. I could tolerate it when I was younger cause I didn't know any better but now I can't stand it. Every RPG could learn a thing or two from Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Both are pretty lengthy that could be beaten in about 25-40 hours but they both have...
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    What Games Do You Consider Masterpieces

    Undertale- Its such a perfect RPG. Mixing RPG and bullet hell concepts together is very ingenious. Not only that, it's pacing is perfect and I am grateful that its isn't some 50 hour epic. It is indeed my favorite game in the world.
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    Statusing x2

    Statusing x2
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    Recommend me a good romcom anime

    I love ToraDora. That was a really good one.
  10. Parismio

    Recommend me a good romcom anime

    Nothing including non-consensual sex please.
  11. Parismio

    Recommend me a good romcom anime

    YES. That's that good shit right there!
  12. Parismio

    Recommend me a good romcom anime

    I was into it before it got creepy anime bs with big boob dragon lady and the little boy.
  13. Parismio

    Recommend me a good romcom anime

    Ehhh no thanks. I'm not looking for sexy times atm. Just something that's on par in quality with nozaki-kun is good enough.
  14. Parismio

    Recommend me a good romcom anime

    Ah. Also. No ecchi please. Im not into that considering a lot of anime features high schoolers.
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    Recommend me a good romcom anime

    As ive QP'ed earlier, I finished rewatching Nozaki-kun. I now need similar anime in its quality that can make me burst out laughing.
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    The Tabletop RPG thread for cool people who roll dice

    Well its kinda like going to your local game shop right cept online? Where they have dnd nights and you can just join a table of people thats open. If you like em, then exchange numbers and let em know youd like to play again.
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