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    Mario Sunshine does not hold up

    I want to defend Sunshine, as I loved it on the Gamecube, but I haven't played it since it was released. I have to play it again before I feel like I can say anything either way.
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    Favorite Song from Your Favorite Band/Artist

    Despite being a very shy and quiet person, there is a part of me that desperately wants to perform. And I enjoy singing this song so damn much. One of my bigger regrets in life is being at a karaoke party organized by Destructoid during PAX 13 and not thinking to sing this.
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    The Bar Part Zed: I Couldn't Come Up with a Better Name

    It's wild going to a children's hospital for surgery. My wife gets all sorts of emails and brochures about "Your Child's Safety". Wondering whether or not they knew I was an adult when they all signed a get well card. Going for a pre-surgery test and getting a momentary "What is this grown...
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    Destructoid Draws: Redux

    Fuck it Best Dogs in Video Games GO
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    The Tabletop RPG thread for cool people who roll dice

    I made a few illustrative drawings for a D&D campaign I'm running. I enjoyed it and was a lot more pleased with it than I expected. Hopefully I can muster up the energy to make more.
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    Look At My Pussy!

    Hi Riff, just catching up. I really like your birds! Totoro looks great too. I think Floki just stole my soul.
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    Dungeon Painter Studio Work

    Hey, that looks pretty cool! I'll have to look into DPS as well. I'm DMing a group too, and even though I'm using a module, replicating maps sounds better than scanning artwork from a book and trying to keep it perfectly aligned to Roll20.
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    Hello Fellow Humans

    I did not, but I believe it. They look like smug little bastards. Heck yeah dude. Thanks for rocking The Art.
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    Hello Fellow Humans

    Sure, if you feel like teaching me everything. I played a lot, but I haven't played regularly in 15 years, or at all in 10.
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    Hello Fellow Humans

    Do you know why my pasta roller jams up when I use the spaghetti cutter attachment? Is my dough too moist? Too soft? My favorite artist right now is Andrew Mar. He does a bunch of illustrations. He's done stuff for D&D and MtG, but what I really like is the character art he does in...
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    Hello Fellow Humans

    Hi all. I think some of you know me. Drawer of cat girls. Maker of stickers. Perpetual victim of Calculus. Doesn't actually play video games. How did you find Destructoid? Probably through a search engine. It's been awhile. Lurked for a year or two, and finally created an account and...
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    Look At My Pussy!

    I love seeing your progress. Keep it up!
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    Hi, I'm Randy. What is this place?

    Miss you buddy. Hope all is well.
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    Can I be bonerknave?
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    Destructoid Merch ideas megathread of justice and wisdom

    Occams, I appreciate that and will forever be grateful. But I'm fairly sure you got one of those prints. Compare it to the shirt and tell me that the line definition isn't all messed up.
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    Destructoid Merch ideas megathread of justice and wisdom

    Oh yeah, that NARP shirt. I also would like to see that again, if only because the shirts came out looking awful.
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    Destructoid Merch ideas megathread of justice and wisdom

    Here's a link, just in case a big file blows this post up:
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    Destructoid Merch ideas megathread of justice and wisdom

    I would love to see this come back. Mine smells like gym socks, and has a big oil stain on it: Also, I haven't seen it mentioned at all around here, but I'm pretty fond of the "messy messy" bit on the 404 page. Describes Destructoid pretty aptly. Also also, I've made a few designs for...