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  1. NeoTurbo

    Welcome to Oven time with Neo!

    On this show we try to cook as many things in the oven as possible, just so see how it turns out! You may remember us for our CLASSIC oven cooked sausages, and more recently our baked tinfoil wrapped tuna melts! THAT'S JUST THE BEGINNING NOW! Join me on this journey to see how many things I...
  2. NeoTurbo

    Orite I should introduce myself official like in here

    Hey guys I'm NeoTurbo, I've been around awhile and I don't plan on leaving for awhile either! I'm bad at introductions, so feel free to ask me stuff about myself!
  3. NeoTurbo

    Warframe Stuff!

    Railjack Revisited part 1 hits console tomorrow guys! Also the new Nightwave series go live for EVERYBODY tomorrow!
  4. NeoTurbo

    hello im 12 how does this work