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  1. CycloneJoker

    Why'd You Pick Your Username?

    I have a bunch of usernames I tend to default to, but none of them seemed right after a while. They weren't anonymous enough either. So I chose the first kamen rider reference I could think of that wasn't too absurd or obscure. Hence "CycloneJoker", for the base form of kamen rider double. ...
  2. CycloneJoker

    -Insert Clever Title Here-

    Thanks Xeo. I'll do what I can. Anything specific come to mind?
  3. CycloneJoker

    -Insert Clever Title Here-

    Hi, I'm CycloneJoker, also known as Silva. Call me what you will. How did you find Destructoid? I don't remember the specifics. I've been lurking on and off since at least 2010, though I only made an account in 2016, and haven't been very active as of late. I'm working on it. What are your...