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  1. house4lyfe

    How Often Do You Finish Games?

    Believe it or not I make an effort to finish any game I start and only that game until I see the end credits. I am probably in the minority as, judging from the weekly "what games are you playing" post, I always see folks list a multitude of games they're playing simultaneously. The only...
  2. house4lyfe

    Testing 1 ... 2 ..

    Hi Xeo! Yes, I used to practically live on forums. Once Facebook came around it was a wrap. Most folks migrated there and the website shut down. Shame, really. Never took to Facebook so didn't bother. Hope you are well.
  3. house4lyfe

    It's that Brazilian guy! Come say hello!

    Hola, Nior!
  4. house4lyfe

    Testing 1 ... 2 ..

    Hi All, It has literally been years since I've been active in a forum. Just testing it out and saying hello to all. :cool: