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  1. Striderhoang

    I have a coupon for an introduction

    Hey, I figured I’d do a late introduction as well, seeing as how many of us know OF each other but are doing introductions anyways, you know, for shits and giggles. I am Marcel on the front page and I’m an on-again-off-again contributor and once in a blue moon helper. I came to Dtoid god knows...
  2. Striderhoang

    The anime queue: past and current

    What’re you guys watching? Watching anything new and current? Checking out something older from the past? I just finished Brand New Animal. I really liked it. Great Trigger as I’d hoped, especially after Darling in the Franxxx in my recent memory. I saw that illicitly I guess, but I’m looking...
  3. Striderhoang

    The Tabletop RPG thread for cool people who roll dice

    Hey you! Do you play D&D? Of course you do, Matt Mercer aka digital cowboy McCree made it cool. And sometimes the funnest thing you can do whenever your group fails to convene for a game is share all the cool stuff you WOULD’VE done if you did play that day. But I'm getting ahead of myself with...
  4. Striderhoang


    Yare yare daze