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  1. D-Volt

    What Are Your Favorite Non-Gaming/Productivity Apps on Game Consoles?

    I was going to start a thread about some of the best non-gaming apps on Nintendo Switch here, but it ended up running so long that I had to instead turn it into a full blog post. Feel free to read it if you're interested in the subject. I did want to ask about non-gaming apps on other consoles...
  2. D-Volt

    Steam Summer Sale: Share Your Purchases and Reccomendations!!!

    It's that time of year again, kids. That's right, it's The Steam Summer Sale! Ready to fill that backlog up with more games you'll likely never get around to playing? Sure you are! I figured I'd start a thread dedicated to sharing Steam Summer Sale purchases and maybe highlight the lesser known...
  3. D-Volt

    Destructoid HUGE Members Only

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  4. D-Volt

    Why'd You Choose Your Avatar?

    I'm curious to know why everyone has chosen the avatars that they have. Obviously a lot of avatar switching will be done on this forum over time, so I guess the real question is how did you choose your first avatar here? So that this thread doesn't get confusing if/when you switch avatars, I...