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  1. J

    Take with a grain of salt... But F-Zero got a twitter account with the same email as the Mario 35th anniversary account..

    I'm a huge F-Zero fan, and have been waiting for something since GX. My body is ready.... to be disappointed.
  2. J

    Icy cold storebought chocolate milk is like, really awesome, you guys...

    I haven't bought any in several years. On a whim, I saw a half gallon for $1.60 and bought it. Oh my. Why did I stop buying this?
  3. J

    Soo.. What happened with the old boards?

    I'm not sure if this is a touchy subject, so if it is, I do apologize. I've read comments and I'm not sure if my sarcasm meter is off, but did something big happen to close off the boards the last time? My curiosity has got the best of me.
  4. J


    So happy to be a part of these boards! I usually go by "William Havens" on the main site, and usually post early on the morning hours (in NA). -How did you find Destructoid? It's a long one. Back in 2010, my friend Allen Park did podcasts for this site, and he would promote them on Facebook (it...