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  1. Torchman

    [Staff AMA - August 5] Dreezy

    Five favorite games you've played on stream? Either for the game itself, audience interactions, cohosts, etc.
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    [Staff AMA - July 29] Chris Carter

    Favourite review or article you’ve written on dtoid?
  3. Torchman

    [Staff AMA - July 21] Menashe Kestenbaum/RavMenace

    Ooohhh good picks. Favorite game soundtrack? Game you feel you'd be able to face the community in and win?
  4. Torchman

    [Staff AMA - July 21] Menashe Kestenbaum/RavMenace

    Favorite game? Games you’d like to see appear on the twitch stream?
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  6. Torchman

    [Staff AMA - July 12]: Wes Tacos

    What do you prefer on your tacos?
  7. Torchman

    Community Suggestions Thread

    You know what, cus I'm morbidly curious, Ace Combat 7
  8. Torchman

    Introducing AMAtoid!

    Oh that's neat. Will be nice to have them somewhere easily findable too. Compared to trying to find anything over a week old on the quickposts at least
  9. Torchman

    Introducing Our Sexy New Forum Mod, RiffRaff

    Aw man who agreed to let this guy be mod? ... wait. I did. Shit.
  10. Torchman

    What are you playing?

    I'm past Futaba now and yaaaaaa. Still not seeing the meat of Royal, Kasumi STILL hasn't had her awakening. The further I go, the more the decision of 'no compendium import' just comes off as a bad one.
  11. Torchman

    I should be a good staff member and do one of these....

    That's a rare one. Think it's a three way tie between Nichijou, Cowboy Bebop, and JoJo.
  12. Torchman

    What are you playing?

    I've been playing Persona 5 Royal. Just got to the part where Futaba beings to be teased. Maruki and Sumire are feel like natural fits with the original cast so far. That being said, it hasn't quite done enough to justify a full price to be honest (got it for 15 canadian due to a gift card from...
  13. Torchman

    How Often Do You Finish Games?

    Almost always. Because of the currency exchange and a 10+% tax, games are like 90+ in Canada. And since most non-Nintendo games lose value fast, trade in or trying to sell it just feels like money lost. Also means I'm slightly pickier than usual. Only incomplete games on my shelf/collection are...
  14. Torchman

    Designing a Better COVID Facemask

    got one just for you :P
  15. Torchman

    I should be a good staff member and do one of these....

    Oh so THAT is why there was an uptick in Gundams licking eyeballs on the site...
  16. Torchman

    I should be a good staff member and do one of these....

    Oh god From a 'How it's built' perspective, of the ones I've done, MG Turn A and Turn X. Syd Mead's design work meant how they're assembled is very different (Turn A has to have the frame of its chest built and then missile launchers inserted for instance, where as many machines start with the...
  17. Torchman

    I should be a good staff member and do one of these....

    Oh boy guess it's my turn for an introduction. Hi I'm Torchman, or as you may know me from the Front Page, Mike Sounders. I've been a part of the site since 2013, and I made my front page debut in 2017 when I wrote a review for Gundam Breaker 3. Since then I've flooded the front page with...
  18. Torchman

    Recommend me a good romcom anime

  19. Torchman

    House Keeping, Shirt Ideas and Thank You

    Hey everyone! As you have noticed, the forums have received their first major revision with the Introductions section. This will be the new go to area for providing feedback for the forums, catching any major updates from staff, and a way to introduce yourself. Even if you're a site veteran...