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  1. AllCutUp1136

    --SGDQ 2020 Thread--

    Gonna be different, but we gotta play that shit 7/2 offsuit hand that 2020 gave us.
  2. AllCutUp1136

    --Movie Thread-- Post movies you've recently seen/reviews/recommendations/ask for recommendations

    Finally saw The Cabin in the Woods tonight, and it's fantastic! A must for all horror fans!
  3. AllCutUp1136

    Come watch me stream! Finally trying PS4 Twitch integration.

    Channel is AllCutUp1136. Tomorrow night I’ll hopefully be starting up some Dark Souls!
  4. AllCutUp1136

    AllCutUp’s Origami Observatory ~~POST REQUESTS!~~

    So, I haven’t done this in years, I’m a little rusty. I’ve always felt origami has been good for stretching out my right hand which is affected by my cerebral palsy. (Speaking more about me personally, resurrect my stagnant AMA thread...
  5. AllCutUp1136

    Let's write haiku!

    Here's one a friend of mine made up in high school: This Dr. Pepper. Tastes like rat spooge from last week. What the hell happened?
  6. AllCutUp1136

    AMA: AllCutUp1136

    - 36/M/NY (Remember doing that, kids?) - Mild cerebral palsy (I can walk with assistance, mostly stick to my power chair in my apt.) - Video game/Book/Movie/Music enthusiast - Just started Animal Crossing: New Horizons (as in, still in my first day) - 3 years brain cancer free in Nov.! \(^o^)/...