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  1. Gorpy_VanPelt

    What are you playing?

    FF VII, XII, XV; DQ VII, XI; Dragon’s dogma, Puyo puyo tetris; Pokémon sword and shield; DOS 2; Witcher 3 right now.
  2. Gorpy_VanPelt

    Somehow it's my first Intro?

    Hi S’85! I just did one of these newbie things myself, Two hours ago, but welcome! I’m not from the District but have lived here since 2004. I have recently taken up bass and have gained an appreciation for metal.
  3. Gorpy_VanPelt

    How Often Do You Finish Games?

    I get stressed if I think I’m near the end of a game, I’m not because I’m only 40 hours in, and will stop playing and switch to something else. It is nice because all of the unresolved threads get muddled up in my head cannon.
  4. Gorpy_VanPelt


    Your life is awesome. I’m new. That’s all I got now.
  5. Gorpy_VanPelt

    Is this the posting tutorial?

    One of the first games I played after a long gaming dry spell. I married Deborah. My kids were all blond. I suspect shenanigans.
  6. Gorpy_VanPelt

    Formal Introduction

    Greetings, I also just made a post! Non-instant gratification!
  7. Gorpy_VanPelt

    Is this the posting tutorial?

    He y’all. I’ve been lurking since 1975. Strait up born lurking. Lurky McGee. I was active in a forum 20 years ago and this looks like a old timey forum. And I know from lurking that folks here are cool. Console gamer. JRPG lover. Animal doctor. Native Floridian who escaped. Mosaicist...