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  1. Cockaroach

    screenshot thread yay

    THere's not enough i can say about how friggin great DD:DA is. The Art design was ok, serviceable overall, as far as humans went. The Creatures and creeps were amazing to look at, and you can see how they are rigged very similarly to the MH series' monsters. But it had a really good lighting...
  2. Cockaroach

    screenshot thread yay

    Some fun i had with Death Stranding,; it has a pretty good camera mode that even allows you to change the expression and pose of the characters, including the BB
  3. Cockaroach

    Movies you watched with your parents

    a lil late to the game, but i remember watching True Lies with my whole family, and sitting next to my dad, he covered my eyes when Jamie Lee Curtis did that strip tease for Ahnold. I then batted his hands away and proceeded to cover my own eyes, thank you very much. of course i still peeked...
  4. Cockaroach

    Music Recommendations

    For actual content, here is a portion from the Nihon album by Method of Defiance, one of Bill Laswell's (a jazz bassist) many projects. You may find the album on Spotify. If ya never heard of MoD, they are jazzy ragga dub drum n bass. Guy Licata is a sick drummer, he can do breakbeat drumming...
  5. Cockaroach

    Music Recommendations

    The govt knows!
  6. Cockaroach

    I did a music thing for BLM! Proceeds going towards National Bail Out.

    is that you singing? nice singing and,more importantly, gitbox playing
  7. Cockaroach

    Death Generator Thread

    These are my efforts for today. This is too fun. I posted some on qtoid but they are not showing up.
  8. Cockaroach

    Ya friendly neighborhood roach

    Howdy y'all, in case I haven't introduced myself or maybe you haven't read my blog profile on dtoid, I am Cockaroach. I found out about Dtoid like 13 years ago, it feels like. Definitely around 2007-2008. I was craving a new, more succinct gaming news site without the bloat. With papa niero...
  9. Cockaroach

    I have waited for this day...

    Nice to meets! Hello fellow lover of basses and Souls, were we separated at birth?