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  1. Scrustle

    What are you playing?

    I generally don't like posting twice in a row in the same thread, but it's been six months, so I guess it doesn't matter and I might as well try to revive this thread a bit. Been playing through Asura's Wrath lately. I just got to the pre-DLC ending. It's an interesting game. Tripling down on...
  2. Scrustle

    What games did you fall in love with the first trailer and then, with the release of gameplay footage you were disappointed?

    Babylon's Fall. Those first teasers were really great. Not much to go on, but the art design was impressive, the boss they showed looked really cool, and it was from a reliable studio who definitely knows how to make a decent game of that style. Coming off Nier Automata too, this was poised as...
  3. Scrustle

    screenshot thread yay

    A couple of months ago I did a replay of Forza Horizon 1 from scratch, and took a bunch of photos. Forgot to post them until now. I think a bunch of them came out a little too dark though, but they looked fine on the TV when I took them.
  4. Scrustle

    What are you playing?

    Been playing No More Heroes 3 lately. Pretty deep in to it but still not done yet. I'm liking it, but I'm not really sure on it. While the combat is fun, the aesthetic is a really cool mix of colourful and unconventional styles, and I like being back in this world and seeing these characters...
  5. Scrustle

    What are you playing?

    I played Sky: Children of the Light too. I was left rather nonplussed by it. It was pretty, had some nice music and visuals, but it felt incredibly derivative of Journey without being able to capture any of what made that game so special. It wasn't a bad time by any means, and it had some great...
  6. Scrustle

    What are you playing?

    I recently started playing Pandora's Tower through Dolphin. I have actually played this before, since I have the Wii version digitally on Wii U. I bounced off it before though, since it felt so clunky, and the resolution was so bad I could hardly make anything out. Didn't care for the voice...
  7. Scrustle

    screenshot thread yay

    Been playing Dragon's Dogma again recently. Always thought this game manages to look better than you would expect given how low detail everything is. This run I was impressed with the lighting in particular. It's kind of hard to capture in screenshots though.
  8. Scrustle

    What are you playing?

    Currently playing Soul Reaver 2 and enjoying it a lot. It's a huge improvement over the first, and feels like they were actually able to achieve what they were going for with this one without being held back by tech limitations. The world is way more interesting and atmospheric to be in, and the...
  9. Scrustle

    What are you playing?

    Replayed Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 recently. It's been a while since I last played it, so I was wondering if it would still stand up, but thankfully it does. Still got a real nice flow to the combat, and it's great aesthetically too. This time I went for a fresh file to progress though all...
  10. Scrustle

    Favorite Song from Your Favorite Band/Artist

    I suppose I have something of a confession to make in regards to this topic. I haven't really bothered to explore music that much for quite a long time now, and most of the stuff I listen to these days is game soundtracks. So that means a lot of the bands I used to think of as a favourite at the...
  11. Scrustle

    screenshot thread yay

    Gujian 3 has been getting on my nerves a bit for a few reasons, but it does still have some amazing looking environments.
  12. Scrustle

    Music Recommendations

  13. Scrustle

    Best 'Hand-Drawn' Game

    Yeah Vanillaware is the obvious answer for this. Love Muramasa and Odin Sphere, they look amazing. Always liked Braid's look too. Like a moving painting almost. Figment has a really cool art style, and it's a super convincing illusion too. I thought most of the backgrounds were 2D until I saw...
  14. Scrustle

    What are you playing?

    Had another go at Arkane's Prey. First time round I bounced off it hard, but this time it clicked. Exploring the space station is a lot of fun, finding creative ways to navigate levels and such. And I kind of like how the "antagonist" isn't really... antagonistic. More distant and standoff-ish...
  15. Scrustle

    Gaming vids and clips

    Moved on to a little bit of Dante combos in DMC5. Harder than Nero, but with so much to play with there's deeper potential too. Again, nothing amazing, but still pleased it's something I put together myself.
  16. Scrustle

    Your worst "I give up" moment in games?

    The last time I tried to play No More Heroes 2. I never actually played the game on the harder of the two default difficulties before this. When there's only two it's kind of hard to tell which one is supposed to be the "normal" one. So I went through on the harder mode this time, and most of it...
  17. Scrustle

    screenshot thread yay

    I got a bunch of FH3 shots too. And almost all the other Forza games, but since FH3 is the topic at hand...
  18. Scrustle

    Rough and Hidden Indie Gems

    Bladed Fury A short but really fun action-heavy Metroidvania. Really tight combat, and very nice art as well. Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan A 2D action RPG made by a Cameroonian developer that focuses on local mythology. Lucah: Born of a Dream A surreal action adventure game that mixes...
  19. Scrustle

    What are you playing?

    Completed Night in the Woods today. I really liked it, but it's hard to put in to words properly. It's melancholy, and even kind of depressing, but full of a lot of heart and grabbed my attention so hard that it was hard to stop playing sometimes. I think I'll still be mulling it over for a long...