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  1. Dreggsao

    Stupid Video Game Troupes

    Disco Elysium also did amnesia really well. I loved that you could roleplay as someone that only pretends not to remember.
  2. Dreggsao

    Favorite Song from Your Favorite Band/Artist

    I just love how the lyrics are deeply ironic and sincere at the same time. When I write something I can barely go 3 lines without cussing.
  3. Dreggsao

    Let's write haiku!

    That's no solution A/Cs will soon kill us all Fuck global warming
  4. Dreggsao

    Let's write haiku!

    I am fucking dead. This heatwave sucks donkey balls can't even jack off
  5. Dreggsao

    What Makes Good Stealth Games

    The most important thing in a stealth game is that enemies don't suddenly turn around with no warning. Especially not if you are supposed to press a button for several seconds while being close to their backs I AM LOOKING AT YOU MANHUNT 2!
  6. Dreggsao

    Steam Summer Sale: Share Your Purchases and Reccomendations!!!

    Haven't bought anything yet. You should buy One Finger Death Punch 2 for you and all your friends. It is 2$. Also if you don't care for Soccer (or as it should be called in america International Football) you should get Behold the Kickmen. And if you aren't as poor as I am and can actually...
  7. Dreggsao

    Best Sewer Levels

    The Depths in Dark Souls because it has a dragon that mutated from eating too shit.
  8. Dreggsao

    Gaming Pet Peeves

    Drift "races" in racing games. Racing is about getting faster from a to b than your opponents, not about angles. Get that anime shit out of my game!
  9. Dreggsao

    Pick 2 from 2011

    Dark Souls and Portal 2. One for jolly cooperation and the other because it is Dark Souls.
  10. Dreggsao

    What Games Do You Consider Masterpieces

    The Witcher: Because it was the first game to have your decisions fuck you over story wise when it was way too late to reload your save and still be considered sane. GTA IV: The Lost and Damned: Sure it was just GTA IV again but with more motorcycles and a story written so badly that even after...
  11. Dreggsao

    Pick 2 from 2007

    Bioshock because it and it's sequel (and with sequel I mean Infinite because Bioshock 2 was a numbered spin-off at best) are some of my all time favorites. And the orange box because TF2 was the one multiplayer shooter I was actually good at and that I actually played with friends.
  12. Dreggsao

    Favorite Video Game Cat

    This fucker here
  13. Dreggsao

    screenshot thread yay

    Yay Screenshots
  14. Dreggsao

    Your Most Controversial Movie Opinion

    MCU Spider-Man has nothing of what made the character great in the first place.