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  1. keisal

    What Interests You the Most About the Upcoming Next-Gen Consoles?

    I’m excited for the PS4 price to reduce so I can buy one just for Spider-Man. I’m pretty stoked for the SSDs too and backwards compatibility. I’m tempted to buy the series x at launch even tho I know better.
  2. keisal


    This looks delicious
  3. keisal

    Look At My Pussy!

    You’re improving so much! I bought the first course and am enjoying it so much. Still practicing my circles and ovals. I really struggle with the ovals
  4. keisal

    Shows you wish had just one more season

    Fringe. And what was that show with that vampire dude who didn’t want to kill people so he’d get his meals from blood banks but also he solved murders? I can’t for the life of me remember the name but god that was a good show.
  5. keisal

    Look At My Pussy!

    I love these! What Udemy course did you buy? Not that I need another one to add to my list but also I do.
  6. keisal


    Titi Decor
  7. keisal

    Destructoid Merch ideas megathread of justice and wisdom

    I love MeanderBots stuff and would buy pretty much any of it . Have one of the destructoid wants you to be better people ones but doesn’t fit me anymore. Also cocks