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  1. Cactüs

    Xbox 360 turns 15!

    I have to agree, the 360 felt very next gen to me, in a way only the dreamcast has matched. I was a big OG Xbox fan so I was VERY ready for it's launch. My friend got one at midnight as well, I waited a month or two like I usually do for consoles. Also just realized the similarities between...
  2. Cactüs

    Best 'Hand-Drawn' Game

    Well you just convinced me to pick up Spiritfarer. :D As someone who has been obsessed with animation for as long as I remember, I too absolutely love this newer ability devs have. As for my pick, that is VERY tough, but I would go with: Dragon's Crown. Even though the big tiddee anime girls...
  3. Cactüs

    The Bar Part Zed: I Couldn't Come Up with a Better Name

    My kitten just jumped into my bowl of cereal that I was eating. Now I have milk in my shorts, socks, and couch. #govegan
  4. Cactüs

    --Movie Thread-- Post movies you've recently seen/reviews/recommendations/ask for recommendations

    No, the original Japanese made film. I saw the American one too, but that was closer to it's release so I don't remember it too well.
  5. Cactüs

    --Movie Thread-- Post movies you've recently seen/reviews/recommendations/ask for recommendations

    I just watched Ring. I was honestly kind of disappointed by it. Was thinking about how Deathnote was similar in a way but much better. It made no sense why the character distributes the VHS! Also don't know that I've seen flatter lead characters in a long time. I watched another not good...
  6. Cactüs

    Favorite Song from Your Favorite Band/Artist

    Probably my favorite Zep record... probably.
  7. Cactüs

    Favorite Song from Your Favorite Band/Artist

    Some good stuff in here! I'm probably going to go with:
  8. Cactüs

    What are you playing?

    Interesting to hear bad stuff about that game, I've never played it but people treat it like it's perfect. I have a lot of issues with early 3d game myself and pretty much stick to 2D for retro games.
  9. Cactüs

    What are you playing?

    Been practicing my skills with the coolest green fighting game character not named Blanka in Vampire Saviour on my Saturn. I'm in between competitive fighters ATM because I decided to shelve smash after close to 1000 hours...Thinking of trying to learn VSAV and take it on over to Fightcade once...
  10. Cactüs

    Movies you watched with your parents

    Oh man this is a funny one. My parents watched lots of messed up films with me. As Americans sex was always a no-no (especially with my semi-religious Mom) but Joe Pesci stabbing fools and calling people "cocksucker": kosher.
  11. Cactüs

    Changing your Disqus avatar on the site?

    I have the same problem and honestly have for years!!
  12. Cactüs

    AMA: Vincentdante

    That's fair, the ocean depths are way more mysterious and cool. Now that I think of it has there ever been not lame mole people? I can only remember that mole-pig with sunglasses from Gurren Laggan, he was pretty dope. That's some badass art btw!
  13. Cactüs

    AMA: Vincentdante

    Would you rather become Lord of the Seas or Lord of Subterranean Earth (like a mole king/queen/NB ruler)?
  14. Cactüs

    Why'd You Choose Your Avatar?

    Because I had a png on my phone of this weird pixel "art" I made and I didn't want to feel naked on here.
  15. Cactüs

    Best Gun in Gaming

    There are so many good ones. The South Park fps on N64 had some good gag ones. But I'm gonna say the Phazon beam from Metroid Prime is my favorite. You wait the whole game to get it and can only use it on the final boss essentially, but it's so hype when you do. Feels like going Super Saiyan Samus.
  16. Cactüs

    Sections you despise in games you like?

    The Triforce gathering bit in LoZ Wind Waker. Really any fetchquest tacked on at the end of a game to make it longer; even though it's clear nothing else is going to happen in the story before the finale.