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  1. JonnyExtremely

    Dtoid ascii t-shirt

    Oh killer, good to know. Thanks for the thorough response!
  2. JonnyExtremely

    Dtoid ascii t-shirt

    I also have zero forums experience so I’m sorry if I put this in the wrong place 😫
  3. JonnyExtremely

    Dtoid ascii t-shirt

    Hi, I want to buy that ASCII art t-shirt that came out but I don’t see it on the online shop. I have no idea who can help with this but I would really like to buy one. Help please?
  4. JonnyExtremely

    Real talk, do you even go beyond plus ultra?

    Yo! I’ve been kind of skulking around on Qtoid for a while, popping in the occasional hot take. I’m a former GameStop manager, so ask away if you want any hot gossip. I don’t have any connections in the industry or anything, but I can definitely provide a different viewpoint. Fun fact about me...