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    Worst collectibles in games?

    Then in that case:
  2. GoofierBrute

    Worst collectibles in games?

  3. GoofierBrute

    Gooby Pls

    Oh Star Wars easily. I have to wear two sets of pants when I watch the original trilogy because John Willams' score makes me jizz. I just jizzed just thinking about it.
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    Gooby Pls

    Not much really. Just going back to school, looking to use my programming knowledge for something other than games. Nothing too fancy.
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    Gooby Pls

    Hi everyone, I'm GoofierBrute, lovable shit poster, Dtoid regular for 10 years now I think, Bible chucker, and sadly Gaj's daddy. This place has been like a second home to me for awhile, so thank you all for that. How did you find Destructoid? From 4chan actually. Someone posted a link to a...
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    This is Totally Not a Thread About Big Chungus, So Don't Start Posting Big Chungus

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    Your Most Controversial Movie Opinion

    The first Princess Diaries is actually kind of okay. The second one a thing that happened.
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    Your Most Controversial Movie Opinion

    Oh I have a bunch of them: I don't like ET. The new Star Wars movies are better than the prequels. The Princess Bride, Blues Brothers, and Spider-Man 2 are overrated. Shrek 1 was decent at best. I liked Jurassic World. Batman & Robin is better than Dawn of Justice. There we go, I think I...
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    Destructoid HUGE Members Only

    Oh yeah, I remember HUGE. I think I actually got charged for it a couple times after it ended too.
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    I got gaming news!

    Here's my gaming news!
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    Paying for a specific porno when you can download it off of Pornhub for free.