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  1. bong264

    Ftoid (for when Qtoid is down)

    Gah fuck, feels like walking into a decaying Kmart in here.
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    Prevailing Condition =>

    Valid Message Entering
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    Bong's hobby corner

    Made you look
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    The Big Spook Thread

    Let's all get into the dour mood with some good old creepy stories :P This one happened a couple of years ago, maybe 2013? it was around this month actually when my brother went on vacation to mexico, my sister and her kids were in texas, and my mom was dead asleep. It was the middle of the...
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    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    I eat mac & cheese with a spoon
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    was this always here

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    Bong's hobby corner

    Just keeping the thread on life support :P did this today to try and match some minis I bought about 5 years ago when I first started. Mine on the left and the original on the right.
  8. bong264

    Bong's hobby corner

    Preview of next month's project box. Papa nurgle demands love :P
  9. bong264

    Movies you watched with your parents

    Alot of us had this awkward experience. Mine include watching the following films with my mom: Heavy Metal, American Werwolf in London, and Troy. Heavy metal is obviously all the titties. AWiL was her being grossed out by the amazing transformation scene, and for Troy she couldn't really handle...
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    Bong's hobby corner

    Always an exciting time in a mini painters life getting fresh new bottles (y)
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    Bong's hobby corner

    This thread aint dead yet!
  12. bong264

    Stupid Video Game Troupes

    Fallout 1 is (I think) the only RPG with a time limit that kinda mattered. Take too long dicking around and the super mutants start killing every town until the finally reach your vault. Although I think that mechanic was broken and only fully implemented in a fan patch🤔
  13. bong264

    Your worst "I give up" moment in games?

    For me when i was a kid i had the hardest time playing resident evil 3. it took me like 2 weeks to finally get to the first grave digger fight (embarrassing I know). I saved before that but for some damn reason I later decided to mess around in the ps1 memory card viewer and ended up deleting...
  14. bong264

    What was your first gamer moment?

    Beating the cycloid emperor on duke nukem 64. I am not joking lol
  15. bong264

    Game you would trap your worst enemy in

    I've played that game all the way through. it was an awful experience and the damn thing wont even let you complete it on easy mode.
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    Bong's hobby corner

    Sneak preview on coming attractions
  17. bong264

    Game you would trap your worst enemy in

    Rules are simple, they have to beat said game to get out, they adopt the playable characters personality, and everything is in real time. For examole I would trap Vxxy in Daggerfall and considering the amount of crimes he likes to commit it'll be years before he gets out. That or Mega Man X7 >:)
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    Bong's hobby corner

    One for the late nighters
  19. bong264

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Really though im just not a fan of godzilla.
  20. bong264

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    I vastly prefer King Kong over godzilla.