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    What games did you fall in love with the first trailer and then, with the release of gameplay footage you were disappointed?

    I can tell, off the top of my head, that both Death Stranding and Ghostwire: Tokyo did that to me. The first trailer for Death Stranding was enough to make me curious, and the clip shown at the Game Awards was just incredible, but then they released gameplay footage and it was like "yeah, it's...
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    Your Favorites of the Decade List.

    Play it! It's, in my opinion, incredible. Recently, I discovered it was nominated for Best Game at The Game Awards and it made me so happy.
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    Your Favorites of the Decade List.

    Oh man this is so difficult, but I'll try. 1. Inside, by Playdead. I already loved Limbo, but Inside was something else, and it's my favorite game period. I'm a big fan of puzzles, and a bigger fan of great stories, and the fact that this game's story is told entirely through scenery and the...