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  1. Turbokill

    PS5 Megathread

    I know the feel. I feel like I get more audio detail from headphones anyways. Also neighbors.
  2. Turbokill

    PS5 Megathread

    Okay, so I spent awhile building up credit and got myself a really high credit line now... So I splurged big time. Like, I feel bad. Pre-ordered the PS5 with disc, got Demon's Souls and Miles Morales Ultimate. Also got the Pulse 3D headphones. I remember loving their Gold headphones years past...
  3. Turbokill

    The Bar Part Zed: I Couldn't Come Up with a Better Name

    I'm sure it will. While I've played the original, I played it near the end of its life so I never got to really experience the multiplayer. I really hope one boss fight in particular lives up to its former potential. And no item burden please.
  4. Turbokill

    The Bar Part Zed: I Couldn't Come Up with a Better Name

    At the moment, as an American, I don't mind some distance from motherland.
  5. Turbokill

    Made a demo reel showing off how I edit. What do you think?

    Looks pretty good. I liked the effect you did with the servbot. Maybe try some multiplayer games and steal from SovietWombles. It's super time consuming, I've dabbled in it myself some time ago, but I think it would be a perfect addition to a highlight reel. This short video really helped me...
  6. Turbokill

    --Movie Thread-- Post movies you've recently seen/reviews/recommendations/ask for recommendations

    I watched Peanut Butter Falcon on Prime Video and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Worth a watch. Shia Labeouf did really well, as did the person who played Zach.
  7. Turbokill

    screenshot thread yay

    I feel like lots of Souls bosses posted on their forum of choice how they beat me with just 4 HP left...
  8. Turbokill


    Ma'am, that's not a cow you're milking. (Shenmue 3)
  9. Turbokill

    screenshot thread yay

    The minion that comes with the latest Final Fantasy XIV artbook is pretty great. The Chocobo building in the background is my house. And below is my Samurai:
  10. Turbokill

    DToid Forum's Drink Recipe Thread

    So, I'm one of those types that can't stand red wine and can barely tolerate most whites. That said, this spiced wine recipe that may or may not be from the Elder Scrolls Cookbook was really good: 1 750-ml bottle of red wine, like Cabernet 2 Cinnamon sticks 1/4 teaspoon of ground cardamom 1...
  11. Turbokill

    The Bar Part Zed: I Couldn't Come Up with a Better Name

    Got The Touryst on Switch from a sale and it is delightful. It's a unique game, so comparison to Mario isn't fair, but it revolves around collecting coins that work almost like stars did in Mario games like Odyssey or 64. They also double as currency for buying things like abilities, items for...
  12. Turbokill

    Your personal favorite reveals from the Xbox Games Showcase

    I'm pretty intrigued by The Medium. I really hope it has a great enough story so that the composer's talents can really shine. I love the Silent Hill music.
  13. Turbokill

    I just ordered an Xbox One X. Post essential backwards compatibility titles ITT.

    This was the first game I got when I finally bought an X1S. Top-notch writing. And the short story segments are actually written by an award-winning Japanese novelist.
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    I imagine this is the kind of breakfast that people have that also say thin mints are the best Girl Scout cookies
  15. Turbokill

    Sections you despise in games you like?

    I think the beginning of Link to the Past did it right. By making it function no differently than anything else... escort missions are dumb.
  16. Turbokill

    The anime queue: past and current

    Slowly working my way through the Nichijou dub. It is a lot better than I imagined since the original is basically a masterpiece. Speaking of dubs, I'm also watching the legendary Ghost Stories dub. Animes almost never live up to the hype for me, but this is [chef's kiss]. Anyone that doesn't...
  17. Turbokill

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    At times I loved Final Fantasy VII Remake, thanks to the cutscenes and character work, but a lot of the time I found the combat to be an utterly unfun chore which undermined the rest of the game. Sometimes I feel like I understand why, and other times I don't. It's not hard, it's not too...
  18. Turbokill

    Sections you despise in games you like?

    I don't entirely dislike Lost Izalith, but the dragon butts are just embarrassing to look at
  19. Turbokill

    Music Recommendations

    MS Gundam Thunderbolt has some great music. This one is during a montage of death.
  20. Turbokill

    Sections you despise in games you like?

    I actually quite like Tomb of the Giants, but it's definitely bullshit that you need to kill all of those dudes (one of which is genuinely tough to find) to get a guaranteed light. This inevitably makes it so that many players think you need to go through there blind, which is just insane. As...