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    Stupid Video Game Troupes

    Well when you have gravity defying throwing objects I don't think their too fussed with realism for their weapons
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    Your worst "I give up" moment in games?

    Not a diffculity thing or outright annoyance but for me lately God Of War 2018.About 8 hours in I just had the feeling of I give up nothing seems to feel all that fun or intresting to me in the game. That and Horizon Zero Dawn are the only games in a long while I tried where O felt that...
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    Run away from RiffRaff that man has done some messed up stuff. Don't takw anything he has to say as being true. But anyway hi there nice to see a new person not a huge Resi guy but been playing Resident Evil 4 lately and absoultely love the game so far
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    Who/What is the most terrifying, BEST villain in fiction media?

    Having just finished Yakuza 0 I can agree with that, "that" boss intro of his was badass as hell probably one of my favourite moments/scenes in the game. Voice acting really sells him too, its a huge shame the onlt Yakuza game still now to do voiced dialogue for sidequests is 6. The voice...
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    Who/What is the most terrifying, BEST villain in fiction media?

    Not played the game and its a Nintendo game so can't be that scary really but for me maybe a honorable mention to Skull Kid from Majoras Mask. Joker to me in thr Arkham games was excellent but should have never been in Arkham Knight though, Glados feels pretty terrifying and humours in equal...
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    Best Sword in Gaming

    Got to be the dildo weapon also pretty sure I saw the main guy in Yakuza 7 using a huge vibrator as a sword as well. Shame fps melle is usualy done so crap usualy could get some cool sword combat from that
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    Let's write haiku!

    Hi u!
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    screenshot thread yay

    They have a refrence to 50 Shades of Grey aswell oddly.
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    Spare Steam Keys

    I doubt that only because there is litrealy a option from humble bundle to gift your code to a friend on steam shows reveal key bitton on left or gift code button to the right if I am remebering right
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    Your personal favorite reveals from the Xbox Games Showcase

    Wait a minute they showed in text Stalker 2 being a launch exculsive but it isn't. They don't have a release date they just said it will come in 2020 most likely. If it was you know what they said a launch exclusive then it would be comingbout the day the new Xbox launches
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    Your personal favorite reveals from the Xbox Games Showcase

    Really sweet! I imagine that means its coming to ps4 then right pretty happy abour that. Only actual excsluive that when shown didn't know was a timed excuslive that I waa intrested in.
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    Your personal favorite reveals from the Xbox Games Showcase

    Same for Stalker 2 a new game from the steamworld dig people was lovely to see lovely music and looks like it could be a great solid time.Psychonauts 2 should be good although I imagine it will feel a bit dated. It seemed from the trailer and what they showed that they aren't trying to do...
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    Spare Steam Keys

    Wow Wow humble bundle sure have got worse over the last year for their game offerings. I mean I am sure there are good games there. Its just its like €13 I think now to just get one game a month I think or maybe €9. I was intrested in one month because it had that puzzle game with the red...
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    Sections you despise in games you like?

    I really liked that part I think its one of my favourite placea in the game feels so eery and unsettinling
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    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    While God Of War has some potetional good ideas for a story I just found it a chore one of the most boring games and umeorable games I have ever tried.One of the first games that I just gave up on 8 hours in and said no I am not playing this any more Horizon Zero Dawn similarly could be...
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    Sections you despise in games you like?

    The stupid fucking stealth part in Hotline Miami. I mean its not hard or that long but who the hell taught hmm yeah this game could do with a level like that
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    Best Gun in Gaming

    Its the Red Fraction Armgedon one. Pretty entertaining to use but the game is so boring. Shame too some of its weapons would be cool in other games. Like the magent one or the repair one for anything you destroy.
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    Best Gun in Gaming

    I'm counting the Glue Gun from Prey as one, then the Gravity Gun,also maybe the Huntres Bolcaster from Prey. So boring to see the standard machin gun pistol guns in games.
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    Your Favorites of the Decade List.

    He is right such a brillant game its not my top gane of all time but well up there. Short run time but mostly uses that to its strength really great end sections too. Goes on sale a good bit on psn. Wasn't the biggest fan of Limbo but I really did love Inside
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    AMA: RiffRaff

    Kanji looks like a lovely character not far in P4 Golden but I saw latter bits a guy like that with a side that loves crafts and the like is just a lovely idea for a younger character imo. About one third through Yakuza 0 Kiryu has a more genric side to him but he is a lovely character all in...