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  1. 16BitBlastProcessing

    Gaming vids and clips

    I once made an exhibit with over a thousand brachiosaurus in Jurassic Park Operation Genesis:
  2. 16BitBlastProcessing

    What was your first gamer moment?

    Beating Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (along with collecting all the chaos emeralds) with the Super Sonic ending was a straight-up "mom get the camera" moment for me as a 7-year-old.
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    YouTuber Recommendations

    Another massive inspiration to me, no doubt. I love going back and watching older episodes, in general.
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    Sections you despise in games you like?

    RC plane/vehicle missions in the PS2/Xbox GTA trilogy of games... I always think about replaying those games, but those missions used to drive me nuts.
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    YouTuber Recommendations

    Super Bunnyhop creates some incredible feature pieces in video form, as well as being a straight-up game journalist in the most classic sense. I can't recommend him and his content enough. Next up, NoClip and Danny O'Dwyer produce the best documentaries/behind the scenes look at video games...
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    Pick 5 - TV Shows

    Better Call Saul, Chernobyl, Stranger Things, True Detective, and The Boys.
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    Why'd You Pick Your Username?

    I love just the whole story behind "Blast Processing." A borderline pseudo/faux technical term to describe why the Genesis was better than Nintendo's offering at the time. The commercials were fantastic as well. Then just combine that with the 16-bit era of games being my first experience with...
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    Why'd You Choose Your Avatar?

    I made mine in Photoshop forever ago I honestly can't remember why. It's been my Steam display pic for over a decade now and I just stick with it. 🤷‍♂️
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    Pregame Discharge

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    Worst collectibles in games?

    I'm a completionist and I usually aim for 100% completion in most games I play. That said, I'm glad to see someone already posted the Riddler Trophies because absolutely fuck those things. Arkham City was one of the few games I never even attempted to go for 100% completion.
  11. 16BitBlastProcessing

    Post your Desktop!

    I'm very boring and prefer having my stuff in the taskbar or searching with the windows key. For those curious about the art/wallpaper, it's from a series of art books by Simon Stålenhag. I highly recommend checking em out.
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    So, which next gen system will you be getting?

    PlayStation 5 at launch, then I plan on upgrading my PC, and then I'll probably grab an Xbox Series X once I see whether or not they have actual exclusives.
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    What Pokemon do you want Game Freak to bring back?

    Porygon and their evolutions are truly blessed and I need them back.
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    I propose a ban on bunnies

    Wow, I can't believe we have two bans already. Sad!
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    I am not old enough to know how forums work

    Yo, but when are we starting an IRC channel and Usenet?
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    Daddys home