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  1. ImThinkingArby90

    Gaming vids and clips

    This happened in the current MUTE Protocol event.
  2. ImThinkingArby90

    Who here plays Siege?

    And who would like to have some friendly 5v5 custom matches, salt-free and just for fun if we had enough people? I'm down to clown on any of the platforms.
  3. ImThinkingArby90

    What's Your Favorite World?

    Gonna have to go for Castle Cainhurst in Bloodborne. That was basically the 3D Castlevania level I always wanted and never got in any actual Castlevania game.
  4. ImThinkingArby90

    Wholesome Happy Place Thread

    This is some twisted filth y'all are posting.
  5. ImThinkingArby90

    So what part of your backlog, if any, have you worked on since this whole mess brought chunks of the world grinding to a halt?

    Personally I've been a playing a ton of the trails series. I wrapped up the Skies Trilogy in early May after starting it in late March and am now in chapter 4 of Ao no Kiseki/Trails in the Azure. I still have all of Cold Steel waiting for me afterwards. What a fantastic series!
  6. ImThinkingArby90

    Thread 69 is upon us

    Hehehehe naughty jokes
  7. ImThinkingArby90

    The Great Food Pic Thread

    I made chilli last weekend. It was alright.
  8. ImThinkingArby90


    Being Randy Pitchford.
  9. ImThinkingArby90

    Daddys home

    What if he sneaks past the signup filters by calling himself Soulbae?
  10. ImThinkingArby90

    Why'd You Choose Your Avatar?

    Because I just wanted to make people aware of this wonderful game called Skyrim. I think you all should buy a few copies.