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  1. Retrofraction

    What is your favorite Visual Novel?

    Heyo! So I was looking into visual novels but I am new to the whole thing. So what is your favorite visual novels, what caught you the most, and how long did it take to do a play through?
  2. Retrofraction

    Bong's hobby corner

  3. Retrofraction

    Bong's hobby corner

    Jests is a cooler RGM, I was looking at the HG Cannon Jesta, comes with a gun from late 80s comic
  4. Retrofraction

    Bong's hobby corner

    Oh thanks, The Orgin Kits are actually really well made, more so like a mini MG as they come with a stand and are more detailed :)
  5. Retrofraction

    Best Graphics

    Let’s See Devil May Cry 5 looks great on HDR!
  6. Retrofraction

    Bong's hobby corner

  7. Retrofraction

    Bong's hobby corner

  8. Retrofraction

    Bong's hobby corner

  9. Retrofraction

    Worst collectibles in games?

    Korok Seeds. I really like that they are in the game but sometimes there were too many Korok puzzles when I was just exploring.
  10. Retrofraction

    Best anime tiddies in a game

    OK so what is the best? Because I want to know for sure
  11. Retrofraction

    Mario Sunshine does not hold up

    Super Mario sunshine, it’s not a great Mario game. But it’s a great super Mario sunshine game. Personally I don’t really like super Mario sunshine and it’s probably because for the most part it just feels like a half-baked Mario game as even the N64 game seem to have a certain level of polish...
  12. Retrofraction

    What game world would you live in?

    I would probably pick Yakuza zero, I mean there’s College girls running all over the place, great 80s music, and pretty much any type of activity that you possibly could need
  13. Retrofraction

    Soo.. What happened with the old boards?

    Well if you’re talking about the really really really old boards, those were into what we have now as the main page of Destrctoid. if you’re talking about the semi new boards, they’re here somewhere but you have to do a lot of prodding and it’s almost impossible to read them because most of...
  14. Retrofraction

    What are you playing?

    Yakuza Zero