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  1. Siddartha85

    What Games Do You Consider Masterpieces

    That's tough. Portal 2 co-op is an unequivocal experience. Highly recommended with somebody you know well. I did it with my best friend. I would also count Left 4 Dead as being something that really impressed me. Sayonara Wild Hearts and Gris also come to mind. I think Children of Morta may...
  2. Siddartha85

    Shows you wish had just one more season

    The last season of Penny Dreadful was clearly setting up for another season before ending suddenly and badly. They set up a great new villain in Dr. Jekyll, and a new fighter in Catriona, who is basically a Belmont. Ending there was bizarre and illogical, especially after you introduce those...
  3. Siddartha85

    Somehow it's my first Intro?

    It's about time I did one of these. How did you find Destructoid? There used to be this thing called N4G that just threw random shit at you. I saw Sterling's article about why Deadly Premonition was blatantly better than Heavy Rain. it was awesome. I still haven't played either game. I...