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  1. Tarvu

    Hi. I'm not Andy Dixon.

    nerdy = needy 😔
  2. Tarvu

    We need to talk about Ubisoft's history of abuse. What they did is NOT okay.

    Lack of worker rights and protection, yet another reason the US is not part of the developed world! Jim has been persistent on twitter. He's one of the good ones. He should come write for Destructoid or something.
  3. Tarvu

    The Bar Part Zed: I Couldn't Come Up with a Better Name

    Hah, no. I have it installed because I stupidly bought the expansion when it released on Steam and quickly realised I was sick to death of it. My most recent gaming purchase which I regret. I still have friends playing it, I reckon it's doing fine. No wait it is doing fucking spectacularly...
  4. Tarvu

    The Bar Part Zed: I Couldn't Come Up with a Better Name

    I didn't even play it (RF:A) for that long. 1.2 hours according to Steam and I appear to have hidden it in my Library. I presumably got it free. Steam is so stupid with scheduling updates. It's Tuesday, but it thinks 3AM on Saturday is a good time to update Destiny 2 (there is never a good...
  5. Tarvu

    [Discussion] 2020 Destructoid's Community ASCII T-Shirt

    Between uppercase and lowercase, I would go for uppercase.
  6. Tarvu

    [Discussion] 2020 Destructoid's Community ASCII T-Shirt

    I am glad somebody suggested using the 'dtoid' font, it would have been my first thought on it. I'd love to see it finalised in the dtoid font, I've always loved using it and associated it strongly with the site. All the images are hard to read because they're low-res.
  7. Tarvu

    Why'd You Choose Your Avatar? They're a good twitter follow, though the comic now is slightly different in tone compared to the one above.
  8. Tarvu

    The Bar Part Zed: I Couldn't Come Up with a Better Name

    On the old forums, the bar was the thread that would get so long that it made the site unstable so it had to be locked and restarted.
  9. Tarvu

    The Bar Part Zed: I Couldn't Come Up with a Better Name

    The bar is dead, long live the bar! The bar is dead, long live the bar!
  10. Tarvu

    AMA: AllCutUp1136

    Welcome! I knew a guy at University with cerebral palsy, he funnelled into a solid stand-up act. Bit that I remember well is him having to deal with people (such as police) thinking he was incredibly drunk.
  11. Tarvu

    Why'd You Choose Your Avatar?

    Because it was my avatar on the old forums. Because my avatars for the longest time for my username have been birds and this is from a neat webcomic (that weirdly doesn't host it any more).
  12. Tarvu

    Real talk, do you even go beyond plus ultra?

    Yes, I do go beyond MKUltra. Are you volunteering?
  13. Tarvu

    Cool buttplugs you have/want.

    Is this toys or buttplugs? Either way I got no stake in it. Friend got me this because The Last Jedi is a fucking awful film.
  14. Tarvu

    Your Favorites of the Decade List.

    With the decade just gone I feel like it will be a long time before I have actually found my favourites in it. Quick hits only: 1: Batman: Arkham City 2: Evil Friends 3: Honestly don't think I have read any books published this decade. Not gonna look it up. 4: Guardians of the Galaxy 5: The...
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    Best Graphics

  16. Tarvu

    Steam Summer Sale: Share Your Purchases and Reccomendations!!!

    I thought this was a joke but then I was shocked to see Battlefield 1 on there, and yes okay Tittyfall 2 is on there too. What an age in which to be alive.
  17. Tarvu

    Worst collectibles in games?

    Riddler Trophies in Knight were probably a pain, but I loved getting around so much in Arkham City, that one was a lot of fun.
  18. Tarvu

    I heard there was cake?