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  1. D-Volt

    What are y’all gonna be for Halloween?

    Probably not much. Honestly the days are starting to blend together for me. I swear one of these nights I'll go to bed and wake up on Halloween.
  2. D-Volt

    What are you playing?

    I'm from Pennsylvania very close to where the game takes place and where the creators grew up. It's "Returning Home From College in Central Pennsylvania Simulator". Having played it during my junior year of college, I can 100% confirm it is about as accurate a depiction of this as you can...
  3. D-Volt

    Spare Steam Keys

    Of course I can't just ask for more keys without giving some, so I've got a few more to offer. I accidentally forgot to pause my Humble Choice subscription for the month of June, so I have some unwanted Steam keys to hand out. Aren't you all lucky? GRID Ultimate Edition [Claimed] Hellblade...
  4. D-Volt

    Spare Steam Keys

    If no one's claimed Coffee Talk for Switch, I'd love to claim it. I heard a lot of good things about it from a friend and have had it on the wishlist for a while now.
  5. D-Volt

    What Are Your Favorite Non-Gaming/Productivity Apps on Game Consoles?

    I was going to start a thread about some of the best non-gaming apps on Nintendo Switch here, but it ended up running so long that I had to instead turn it into a full blog post. Feel free to read it if you're interested in the subject. I did want to ask about non-gaming apps on other consoles...
  6. D-Volt

    My list of Retro Games to play during the Pandemic.

    My man. 😎👌
  7. D-Volt

    Steam Summer Sale: Share Your Purchases and Reccomendations!!!

    I also ended up grabbing Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (though I technically got it from the Humble Store because my Humble Choice subscription has a 20% extra discount. But it's a Steam key and the normal sale price is the same as on Steam, so I'll count it as a Summer Sale purchase). Love it...
  8. D-Volt

    Steam Summer Sale: Share Your Purchases and Reccomendations!!!

    Sorry! Had to share the fun. I've enjoyed it waaay more than I was expecting. Only one thing that annoys me: you can use .OGG sound files to create custom charts for whatever songs you want. There's an unofficial fan made repository that let's players upload and share those custom charts. The...
  9. D-Volt

    Steam Summer Sale: Share Your Purchases and Reccomendations!!!

    It's that time of year again, kids. That's right, it's The Steam Summer Sale! Ready to fill that backlog up with more games you'll likely never get around to playing? Sure you are! I figured I'd start a thread dedicated to sharing Steam Summer Sale purchases and maybe highlight the lesser known...
  10. D-Volt

    Does a Spoiler Have an Expiration Date?

    Well it kinda depends on the game. Guys on Qtoid were very, very strict about posting Super Mario Odyssey spoilers when it came out for instance. But about 2 months later no one really cared if you posted endgame pics. It's not story heavy and everything will still be fun to play even if you...
  11. D-Volt

    Spare Steam Keys

    I mean the newer Hitman 2. Like, Hitman 2 (2018). No season pass sadly, but the base game is pretty damn meaty as it is if you enjoy challenging yourself to complete assassinations in creative ways.
  12. D-Volt

    Suggestions to break the cycle!

    Unfortunate, because I believe Windwaker is the best overall Zelda in the series and it's not really even close. If you can't play either the Gamecube or WiiU versions then I'd say just give up. You'll always be missing out on the best.
  13. D-Volt

    How Often Do You Finish Games?

    I play them for as long as they entertain me and no longer. I'm not one of those people who feels a lack of accomplishment if I don't finish a game. That being said I rarely finish games completely. I find very few game are worth completing as most show all their cards by halfway through the...
  14. D-Volt

    Thread 69 is upon us

  15. D-Volt

    [Game Jam] Announcing the Flaming Hot Jam!

    This sounds like fun, but honestly I don't even know how you start making a game jam project. I've never even coded once in my life. Is there like a "Game Jam for Dummies" guide somewhere I could follow just to get a feel for it?
  16. D-Volt

    What are you playing?

    Recently got a desk for my PC so I can actually play keyboard and mouse games now. Played some Receiver II and Overgrowth recently. Love Wolfire Games. I think they're one of my favorite PC developers. Of course lots of sessions of Tapsonic Bold and DJMax Respect V. Bought the Clazziquai and...
  17. D-Volt

    Spare Steam Keys

    I got 3 Steam codes out o' this thread so now I got 3 Steam codes to give back. Hitman 2 GRiS [Claimed] Raiden V: Director's Cut [Claimed] Iffin' ya want one o' them just lemme know. Always happy to give back to the community.
  18. D-Volt

    Spare Steam Keys

    If you still have Hand of Fate I'd be interested. Thought about picking up the second one on Switch once. It might tell me whether it's worth picking up at some point.
  19. D-Volt

    Giveaway: Bug Fables: NA--NSW-XB1-PS4

    My favorite bug is the one that makes Ghandi nuke you. Good times. Switch pls