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  1. Kevin Mersereau

    Spare Steam Keys

    Chris Carter has a pretty solid rundown of it here. You basically just go to the site, create an account (make sure to choose the proper country and use a different...
  2. Kevin Mersereau

    Spare Steam Keys

    This is super nice of you! It’s worth noting that the Switch is region free though, and it only takes a few minutes to create a North American account. You can even play it on your regular account once it’s downloaded.
  3. Kevin Mersereau

    [Locked] Your names on the 2020 Destructoid Community ASCII T-Shirt

    Kevin Mersereau (DeadMoon works too as well!)
  4. Kevin Mersereau

    Your Favorite Game Ending

    Great choice! There really aren’t any other games I know of that can compare to Automata’s ending, or even its specific approach to multiple playthroughs/endings, and how it wraps everything up so nicely.
  5. Kevin Mersereau

    Spare Steam Keys

    I’d definitely take Paradigm off your hands if it’s still up for grabs!
  6. Kevin Mersereau

    Why'd You Choose Your Avatar?

    I probably wouldn’t let it upset you, dude. Everyone’s good at different stuff. For instance, I’m really good at making frozen pizzas and disagreeing with Anthony Marzano constantly. If everyone disagreed with Marzano all the time, that skillset would be totally useless!
  7. Kevin Mersereau


    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Vxxy!
  8. Kevin Mersereau