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  1. Neronium

    What are y’all gonna be for Halloween?

    With some luck, and hope, 20 pounds lighter. Honestly though if I did dress up it'd be something that covers my face. Like a New Vegas Veteran Ranger or Judge Magister from FFXII.
  2. Neronium

    Made a demo reel showing off how I edit. What do you think?

    So my friend told me to make a demo reel showcasing my editing skills by taking some of my old clips and making funny edits with them. This video was the result. What do you all think?
  3. Neronium

    Shows you wish had just one more season

    Where's my season 3 of Wander Over Yonder and my Season 4 of Transformers Animated! :cry:
  4. Neronium

    Thread 69 is upon us

    Double nice.
  5. Neronium

    Pick 2 from 2011

    PS3 is actually the worst version of Skyrim because of the runaway RAM glitch that would cause the PS3 to not be able to load the game after the file size of the save file reached a certain size. The patch fixed some of it, but it's still really bad at times with how choppy and buggy the games...
  6. Neronium

    Pick 2 from 2011

    More so the bugs that I encountered were horrible. I didn't have a gaming PC till around 2013, and with Skyrim I played it on 360. Needless to say I encountered more bugs and corrupted saves on that version of Skyrim than I did my first playthrough of New Vegas on a PS3. And I've played New...
  7. Neronium

    Pick 2 from 2011

    Portal 2 and Rayman Origins by virtue of the fact that I play them the most out of all those games. Still have never done a complete second playthrough of Skyrim cause I had such a bad first playthrough.
  8. Neronium

    Why'd You Pick Your Username?

    I went by Neronium for a long time before trying to brand everything under Roxas1359 for my YouTube channel. When I rebranded my YouTube channel I went back to Neronium for online stuff. What stinks though is I should have gone with Maxieon, mainly cause my username keeps getting spelled...
  9. Neronium

    Destructoid HUGE Members Only

    I remember the HUGE membership as well. Don't remember if I ever got it, I think I did right as it ended.
  10. Neronium

    Why'd You Choose Your Avatar?

    My friend made it, and I am no artist by any stretch of the imagination. Like I'm really bad at art, to the point that it upsets me.
  11. Neronium

    Mega Man Legends Review- Legends Never Die

    I recommend Legends. It's cute and charming for a lot of the adventure, and gave us Servbots which in itself is a blessing.
  12. Neronium

    I am not old enough to know how forums work

    Tried to change it, but I'm still them. Might be doing something wrong on my end though.
  13. Neronium

    I am not old enough to know how forums work

    Seems turning off email notifications isn't working at the moment. Rip my inbox.
  14. Neronium

    I am not old enough to know how forums work

    Me after realizing that email notifications for replies and posts are ON by default. Fixed that real quick.
  15. Neronium

    I got gaming news!

    I have been informed. This pleases me.
  16. Neronium

    I am not old enough to know how forums work

    Why would we stop true love? Only villains do that.
  17. Neronium

    I got gaming news!

    Old news, tell me something new.