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  1. ✨ Matt ✨

    Best Gun in Gaming

    Mine is a three way tie between the lightgun for arcade rail shooter classic Ghost Squad, the Plasma Cutter from Dead Space, and the Sunshot from Destiny 2.
  2. ✨ Matt ✨

    Let's write haiku!

    Alas! Diaper rash! Sweat pooling deep in my butt My ass chafes like Hell
  3. ✨ Matt ✨

    screenshot thread yay

    Gonna raise this thread from the dead rather than clogging up general with a new one. Necroposting be damned! Been playing a lot of Project Zomboid lately and recreated myself in the game's character creator. Tried to choose both positive and negative stats that matched me to see how I'd fare in...
  4. ✨ Matt ✨

    DToid Forum's Drink Recipe Thread

    I usually just drink my liquor straight, but a good old-fashioned Maryland-style Bloody Mary oyster shot with Old Bay is hard to beat. Pick your favorite brand of tomato juice and vodka at a 2:1 ration respectively, mix together in a shot glass with a raw oyster at the bottom, add lemon, Old...
  5. ✨ Matt ✨

    Sections you despise in games you like?

    I actually love DS1 as a whole (even Blighttown) an absolute ton, but Lost Izalith was probably one of the worst experiences I ever had in a game I loved. It looked and felt like something out of a Dark Souls clone Steam Greenlight game. I get that it was because they didn't have time to...
  6. ✨ Matt ✨

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Games like Call of Duty and Ubisoft open world games and mobile games are just fine, and the people who play them are just as much gamers as anyone else because not everything has to be for hardcore-MLG-serious-business-highbrow-super-gamers.
  7. ✨ Matt ✨

    What are Your Potato Chip Games?

    Pretty much everything I play, according to other people, lol. AssCreed, CoD, open world games, action games, arcade racing games, etc.
  8. ✨ Matt ✨

    Steam Summer Sale: Share Your Purchases and Reccomendations!!!

    I bought Final Fantasy XV, the original Dead Space, and Siege because my friends kept pestering me about it since we haven't been able to hang out IRL what with all the, uh, Big Sick(tm) going on.
  9. ✨ Matt ✨

    [Game Jam] Announcing the Flaming Hot Jam!

    While I'm keeping my idea for the game jam secret for the moment, I wanted to post an update on my progress on learning to code! Finally finished the walking animations and learned how to add decorations via layered tilesets!
  10. ✨ Matt ✨

    [Game Jam] Announcing the Flaming Hot Jam!

    Day nine! The short-lived method I used to render objects behind walls wasn't cutting it, so I replaced it with two (2) separate wall rendering methods that you can toggle between.
  11. ✨ Matt ✨

    [Game Jam] Announcing the Flaming Hot Jam!

    Day eight of learning to code! Didn't work on my project a lot today. Just got Audacity running, recorded some audio for my game, and learned to animate skeletons and 2D meshes. Used what I learned to add trees that shake when you walk through them. Was a pain, but turned out well!
  12. ✨ Matt ✨

    [Game Jam] Announcing the Flaming Hot Jam!

    I did it! It was inspired by the wall systems in classic Fallout.
  13. ✨ Matt ✨

    [Game Jam] Announcing the Flaming Hot Jam!

    Haven't been able to work on this for like five days, but I got back to it today and completed two more directional walk cycles! This time in the north and west directions. That leaves only two more directions to go before both standing and movement animations are done! I also re-implemented the...
  14. ✨ Matt ✨

    How often do you use save states on emulators?

    All the goddamn time, lol. I grew up with quicksaving so autosaves or code saves frustrate me to no end.
  15. ✨ Matt ✨

    I heard there was cake?

    Hey nerd.
  16. ✨ Matt ✨

    [Game Jam] Announcing the Flaming Hot Jam!

    Day 6 of learning to code (and animate now, I guess)! Figured out how to give animations priority and fixed a lot of the issues I had with existing animations. Also finished a forward walk cycle.
  17. ✨ Matt ✨

    [Game Jam] Announcing the Flaming Hot Jam!

    Oh, I'm fucking stupid. Forgot to post the progress video I made on my animation code. I have it all set up, I just need to add each direction's animation as I go. Right and left are already working!
  18. ✨ Matt ✨

    [Game Jam] Announcing the Flaming Hot Jam!

    Does the door work yet?